Sunday, July 1, 2007

Post Some Secrets, Y'all

I've been over at post secret again but there weren't any new posts yet sooo.
How's about we have our own Post Secret right here? Let's call it Post Arbitrary ,Meaningless secrets. Last week I "confessed" that Idon't own anything with polka dots on it. Since then I did find some kitchen gloves with polka dots, but whatever, that's irrelevant any way. This week my tawdry little secret is going to be shocking to some. Elastic if you are reading this turn back now.

Two days ago I used my husband's aerosol deodorant. I sprayed it all over the place and then admired the fact that there was no white residue and it was instantly dry, not to mention that lovely manly scent. And. I. Didn't. Even. Feel. Guilty.

Father AL, I'm sorry I added to global warming in such a flagrant and enjoyable way. The label said no cfcs but I don't believe it either. The worst part is I might even do it again.

Now your turn. Nothing too shocking please.I want to keep my G rating. Plus, remember Ive not taken an oath of silence---I will tell on you! Also I know where the delete button is.


Carrot Jello said...

I do not have red hair, and I am not a carrot. My body looks like jello though.

mom2princess said...

I don't know how to swim....(well maybe if my life depended on it..... but if your life depended on my swimming abilities, we are in BIG trouble).

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I was the one who sawed off the legs of the special table that my enemy down at the paper warehouse used and then played innocent, batting my eyelashes, as she went around furiously demanding to know who could have done such a thing.

Yeah, you listening Nancy? It was ME!

One of the 7 levels of purgatory is reserved for aerosol spray users. Just sayin.

for a different kind of girl said...

I tell my husband that I the DVR must have "eaten" his recordings of "Stargate" and the ilk, when in reality, I've erased them before he has watched them. Especially if one is recording at the same time it's trying to record "The Young and The Restless".

I feel better now...

Joyismygoal said...

I love rainy days because then I do not feel guilty if i do nothing all day.

Chris said...

I may look like a brute but I have spot for babies and kittens.

Shocking, indeed!

Esther said...

Besides Brenda you are my first blogger friend...thanks for you info to0 regarding cards. Noticed you are from the big state of Texas. Do you know where Muleshoe is? My husband of nearly 54 years (this month) were married there. We lived just a few miles from there in NN and still have family there. Looking forward to our blogging friendship.

Melissa said...

I use the TV as a baby sitter so that I can blog... sigh... sorry, gotta go... "Piglet's Big Movie" is over - time to switch DVD's

B said...

I secretly want to be a ballet dancer and run away with the Bolshoi Ballet! Now couldn't you just imagine an overweight, over fifty crazed maniac doing that?!

B said...

I noticed you wrote to my friend Esther about an "etsy shop". I see lots of those on blogs. What exactly is an "etsy shop" and how do you get one?

Jean Knee said...

carrot, then why do you like that in your photo? What kind of cake is that?

m2p-remind me to wear my horsey swim ring if we ever go swimmin together

Elastic- I can't imagine you having an enemy but if youdo then she got what was comin to her
I thought I told you to turn back and not read this upsetting thing

different--anyone faced with watching favorite DH shows has only saved herself from going over the edge. myDH likes all those Rocky's

Joy- I'm not sure if this qualifies as a true confession because that is why rainy days were invented- so really you're just following procedure

Chris- that is indeed shocking. You don't have a precious moments stauette stashed somewhere do you?

Esther- not sure wher muleshoe is but it sure sounds fun.I live close to where "W"s ranch is.

Melissa- I'm not sure Yours qualifies as a confession or secret because TV's were invented to be baby sitters so you're just supporting our Nation by doin this

B- You might not make it as a pro but my daughter's Dance teacher is in her forties and still does it all. The lady who taught dance when I was a little girl still teaches an advanced class and she is in her seventies. From what I hear she still raps you with that pointer thing if you're not straight too

mom2princess said...

OK......round 2.....

I got some very yummy "polka dots on steroids" in the mail today! I ate them in front of my 9 year old and only gave him one!.....Ooooooh I'm bad!

P.S. Thanks for the special treat. I love Good Mail!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Mmmmm, manly. Whenever I have to use hubby's deo, I try to mask it with a layer of baby powder. Pyew.

I haven't dressed myself today yet. And it's like 2:30 in the afternoon. GROSS!!