Sunday, July 8, 2007

Cupcake; ..Tale of a geriatric fish

Our pet fish, Cupcake, is a two year old, lovely blue Betta. According to his care booklet he can expect to live two-two and a half years, possibly three years with excellent care. I was once asked who I would like to be if I were reincarnated.
The answer is easy, if I have to come back I would like to be our fish, cupcake.

From the start Cupcake wasn't very active. He understood the value of taking it easy. Now that he is in his dotage he rarely moves but recieves the best geriatric care afforded anyone, man or fish. His frequent naps have turned into comas now. Everyone has advice or some comment. "He's probably just hibernating." "Give him a pea because he might have a vitamin deficiency." " Feed him more" "change his water"
Through much trial and error I now have a care plan that lets him make the most of his remaining months.

He stays completely unanimated almost always now. Not a twitch, not a tiny movement from his wee fins. It became difficult for him to rise to the top of his bowl for a breath. Several times we didn't think he would make it. My husband bought him a plastic anemone to sit on so that he would be closer to the top and would not have as far to swim. He began to spit out his food. I then began to put his food in his bowl and let it soften for a while. After it is properly moistened I shake him out of his coma and he eats a few small bites before returning to his comatose state.
It became apparent to me that I would need to feed him this way several times a day in order for him to be properly nourished. At times he seems unable to rise for his breath so my husband lifts him up with his own hand. He needs constant, around the clock care which we provide.
With the way elder care in our country is going I would so much rather be my fish than myself.


Anonymous said...

Are you starting the bidding on Cupcake Fish Sticks yet? Am I too early for the auction?

Gently wake me up and feed me some softened food when its time, aight?

mom2princess said...

Wow! What a old fishy life! Everytime we get a fish, my cat kills it. we are done with fish and fish funerals down the potty.

You are very good th that fish ;)

Radioactive Jam said...

With feiends like you, who needs anemones?
(apologies to Marlin T. Clown Fish)

Jean Knee said...

crap- your comment was so callous and sarcastic.....I like it

m2p-that fish is so spoiled, when we went on vacation we left him with the neighbor. She reported that he jumped at his food and swam around; no coma. She is a sarcastic liar but her kids said the same thing. Do you think i am an enabler? Do you think this is some kind of co-dependent thing?

RAJ- are you saying I should take the anemone away and just raise him to the top to breathe? It would increase his interaction with life forms (me) therefore making him live longer- I'll have to think on that one

Melissa said...

Such a dedicated pet owner! Bob Barker, friend to all spayed and nuetered pets, would be proud!

Carrot Jello said...

Poor little old fish friend. Perhaps you could find a little plastic wheelchair for his retirement?

SoDak Angel said...

that is heelarious!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm going to send cupcake some pretty tank decorations to liven the palce up. How do you think he'll like a nice little spear fisher man?

That crap happy mama is so very naughty. I like her!

compulsive writer said...

I can never seem to get past the "with excellent care" part with my betas. Because unlike my houseplants, they don't quite seem to thrive on neglect.

Chris said...

Pink Floyd did sing about two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl. I hope to do that with the future missus.

Corrie said...

We tend to kill things off here, not on purpose (and not people) just plants and fishies. But our betta is a die-hard.

Yours is pretty, maybe he needs to watch TV or get a betta girlfriend?

Toni said...

We recently had a blue betta- named Blueberry (5 YO named him)- did you know that if you don't rinse ALL the soap out, they die?? Yeah- it sucks!