Friday, July 20, 2007

Cramp exit now

Have A Happy Period and make your own stickies at

You know that guy that said there's nothing new under the sun? He lied. Menstruation is now a happy time of the month. Don't believe me? Just visit
always and see for yourself. This site is dedicated to making your menses fun and happy. HAHP, have a happy period, is their motto.

See the sticker up above? I designed it on the HAHP website. But that's not all, the site also enables you to design menstrual cards, t-shirts, and even a crossword puzzle for your best girl friends. There's a game section that has the coolest sanitary pad roller coaster game that you can even down load onto your computer. The high scorers are women with names like Naughty Dee Dee and Tempest. Imagine having your name join theirs as you perfect your game.

Wait,theres still more. learn new lingo so you can text message all your friends about the happiness that is menstruation. There's even a section to help you plan a monthly period party with your gal pals. I know what you're thinking, " this is so great, It should be a world wide sensation!!" Well guess what? It's available in 29 different countries. Now the whole wide world can join in and HAHP with us!!!

But that's not all. There are even more exciting feminine products now available like the soft cup and commandos. Wow! Check them out here.

But that's not all! Not only are periods now happy and fun, so are the sanitary products that go with it. Tampon crafts are easy and fun. Here are just a few :



p>Don't worry men we haven't forgotten you (I know at least one of you kept reading).

div>Viagra cuff links

robot condom dispenser>

to learn more visit tampon crafts


Anonymous said...

I'm not a tampon kind of gal but I am the artsy-fartsy type!

Lookie what I made with Kotex!Super Soft Absorbent Comfort. If you trudge around, you can clean your floors at the same time!

Anonymous said...

I have to buy the extra long size because I have extra long feet.

Mini pads are for midgets!

Jean Knee said...

Crap--I made a white rose out of a pad, gave it a long stem and leaf, wrapped it in tissue paper like you get at the florist, and a lovely ribbon. It was valentines day you know.
I gave it to my friend whaen we were at dance class. I told her that since white was for friendship I made her a white rose.
She admired it, then looked closer and laughed. The gal across from her said what? We showed her and she didn't really see the humor- too bad for her. My friend and I had been perusing tampn crafts trying not to let the kids see a couple weeks before.

It's good to know there are other's out there who can see that pads are an under used craft source.

Lauren said...

oh my haha!

mcewen said...

Oh yes! Very good. Thanks for remembering the chaps too!

Kimberly said...

Oh heck, that's hilarious! And disturbing. =P

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm waiting to make a super fun craft out of the box of 'Sanitized For your Protection' toilet seat thingies that I stole from Motel 6. Got any ideas?

Wrapping for home-baked goods to give to friends?
Gift bag lining?

Jean Knee said...

elastic, gonna have to think that one over a while. I always have to do that with new craft mediums.

You could stick them on the mini infidels after their bath so you know you got them all.

too small for origami, but you couldtie a bunch together at the ends and voila (didn't know I could speak ina foreign type language huh?) you have cool cheerleader pom poms.

Home baked good wrappers are good but elastic, tell the truth do you make home baked goods? yes the doughboy counts
the list could be endless

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Envisioning a row of mini-Infidels lined up and sanitized for my protection made me laugh, jean knee. It made me laugh like this.....LOL!

Remember the bad baby name I dissed last week on my blog? I sent them homemade blueberry muffins made from blueberries we picked ourselves. I can't help thinking that it's my fault they've named all their children horrid things. If I was better friends with her, I could have stopped the madness and dropped some friendly naming suggestions to her. Or at least had an excuse to go to the hospital, disguise myself as her and put a lovely name on the birth certificate.

Jean Knee said...

Elastic- yeah but even if they had picked up on one of your infidel approved suggestions they would have stuck the poor thing with an obnoxious nick name. There's nothing you could have done

Jean Knee said...

elastic- OMG did you just type LOL?

Christy said...

o.k. those are hilarious!

No Cool Story said...

OMGosh. No way.
The snowflake. HA!