Sunday, June 3, 2012

Still a Bad Ass

I still got it.  You may think the sugary sweet side has me very firmly in its clutches.  But heck no!
I can be offensive in the shades of pink and aqua baby!

Here's the story:  I made some cute little birthday hats for my shop.  I needed a model and since I have a nice collection of dismembered doll heads I used one of those.  I usually photograph my shop items on a plate I have because its neutral color shows off the details.  So Of course I put the head on the plate and then the hat on the head.  Perfect!  I should probably win an award with how awesome I got the shot with a point and shoot camera.  And then I pinned it.

And then the comments came in.  Evidently someone thinks I'm a sicko going to eat a baby head or some such nonsense.  I mean really.  Without ketchup why even bother.

You can click here to see what kind of psychotic inbred I am.