Thursday, July 19, 2007

Let's Ramble

GM RAMBLE; been gettin some good mail lately. Got a sweet sunflower card from Polly, an easy (you got me at easy) chicken recipe from Melissa R. , and Happy Tags from Catherine. She even used my polka dots on one of them. Thank you girls.
I mailed ten, that's right 10, GM packages out today. You may get one again ( of course I didn't keep track of who I sent the last ones to- where's the fun in that?).

RANT RAMBLE: I still have not picked up my party stuff from the 'product' company
because, quite frankly, I never want to see those @#$^&'s again.

STALKER RAMBLE: I keep joining swaps and then stalking my partners by email by asking them too many questions and telling them too many things. I know I'm doing it but I can't sto: I hate getting corn stuck in my teeth

RANDOM RAMBLES: once my friend Jean Uh and I threw a giant ball of peanut butter at Benny Rogers at school

the last time I flew, someone left a Details magazine on the plane. I read every word, even the ads, and I'll do it again if I find another

I wish I had a super power


B said...

Have you decided yet what to make for the cupcake swap? I wanted to tell you about a nifty thing I saw last week. It was a plastic cake cover (round) that had been covered with white silk flower petals. On the top was a small floral arrangement in a different color. It was awesome looking. I wonder if you could do something similar with cupcakes? How about you give it a shot, and then tell me how it works!
:D Brenda

Radioactive Jam said...

Any particular super power?

Jean Knee said...

B, I made a crappy little pin cushion that my daughter said looked like a bean bag with a pom pom on top.
there is one I'd like but (hint here) I can't 'reveal' it

B said...

Do you have a pattern for the pincushion? Look online if you haven't already. What kind of pincushion are you trying to do? One of those crocheted thingies, or just a sewn kind? I've never made one of those before, but I see LOTS of them online and in craft stores, so there's gotta be directions somewhere out there. I'm trying to think of how to make a candle cupcake. But can't think of how to do the frosting part.
Wow, I'm writing a book here, so I need to just shut up.
:D Brenda

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I stalked you today too.

I now know that you can drive to my house from your house in approximately 2.45 hours.

But you won't because of my unsightly laminate counters. *waaahhhhh!*

B said...

Go to "The Junk Drawer" and sign up for the Tussie Mussie Goody Swap. I'm doin' this one. Come on and join this one, too. Maybe we'll get picked to be swap partners! But hurry, 'cause tomorrow, the 20th, is the last day to sign up for this one.
:D Brenda

Radioactive Jam said...

*wanders off to ponder 'reveal'*

Melissa said...

Do you think you'll ever get your stuff back from the $@#*! place?

Special K ~Toni said...

You sound like me! I just open up to the world! Drives the hubs nuts!

B said...

I love the cupcake on your sidebar. Is that the one you were talking about that you said looked crappy? I don't think it looks crappy at all - I think it's really cute and your swap partner is sure to love it, too.

Cheryl said...

Hey girlie~ The birthday bunting I made was made out of fabric. You can make it out of paper as well if you wanted to. How's your cupcake swap coming along? I am like "duh"...what to do, what to do... I can't find anything with cupcakes printed on it. Dang, I'm going to have to get creative lol.