Monday, July 2, 2007

Only on the WORLD WIDE WEB

Things change and happen so fast now that we have Father Al's internet. Only on the net can you apply for, get rejected then referred for another job in about three minutes. Yep it just happened to me.

I applied to be an editor of's blog. Less than three minutes later I was told it didn't sound right for my skills but I would be great as a craft developer here:

Well it sure beats having to wait and wonder I guess. The price was way too low- $35.00 for a craft project. Maybe it's not too bad but it won't buy baby any new shoes (she wears a triple wide that must be special ordered and costs about as much as a car payment.)

By the time I next post I might be the new CEO of Z-international, proud producer of polka dot stickers- 420 in a pack for $1.77 I should have that job, after all I am their main purchaser.


katydiddy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the speed of the internet. How did we live without before? I can stay at home with my 2 year old & still make a little money and feel connected to the outside world!

Melissa said...

What would we do without Father Al? I can think of lots of thing... but that's besides the point! Good luck finding a job

Chris said...

At least they answered, which matters the most, really. I applied to be a writer once on a reviews site.

I'm still waiting. Darn.

B said...

Maybe you could get one of those previously posted about rods, put some polka dots on it, and send it in to them, complete with instructions of how to use it!
Just kidding! That's my sarcastic nature coming out. I've got to learn to better control myself!
:D Brenda

Amber said...

Good strategy. Or as a publicist, you could just date the media to ensure coverage. At least that was my approach. :-)

Hey, thanks for the cute little package. And the only place they melted was in my mouth!!!

Rug's Bug said...

Thanks for the Good Mail. I ate it as soon as I photographed it.

Carrot Jello said...

I'm wondering where you came from. I think you're from funnyville. Your address must be 123 funny street because you are funny. Thanks for the funny good mail and the chocolate. Chocolate is not funny. It's just good.

Carrot Jello said...

Oh wait, I see I not special. Rugs Bug, and Amber got it too.'d you get all those m & m cards?

Carrot Jello said...

"I not special" I are stupid typer.
Bet you thought you had a lot of people come in here in comment, then were disappointed when you found out it was just me leaving a bajillion comments, eh?

Carrot Jello said...

D'Oh! I shouldn't type after 10:30 p.m.
tsk tsk.

Esther said...

Just enjoy the holiday and then start a fresh with the "net job hunting." I too agree that what did we do before "cyberspace." I remember in my time not even having TV/phones. I really like "talking" with family and friends on "instant messaging." What a time we live in and what a wonderful country that we can "freely" blog with others. Have a great 4th.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

You may be a big time boss but I'm the Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer with the polyester curtains and the redwood deck. How you like me now?!!?

Writing in country music title speak only works if the other person listens to country music. You do listen to country music, don't you, jeannie? You have to, because thats a requirement to live in the great state of Texas. Oh, and you have to own at least one stuffed armadillo drinking a Lone Star beer and mount it on a shelf in your living room too.

Jean Knee said...

b. Life would not be worth living without sarcasm now would it? thought so

carrot- you are special just for being you, if you don't believe me just ask Mr. Rogers. Also I am gonna send you something to celebrate the specialness that is carrot jello minus the jello

Elastic- I saw your pee poo abode and it wasn't no double wide.
I don't actually have one of those armadillo things but I do have two stuffed frogs playing pool which I will post a picture of if I ever learn how.

Chris: I have recieved the rejection letter that said Dear Author: I mean they could have at least let the computer type in my name

To good mail friends- I got all those cool M&M cards at the W&W factory outlet, apparently their printer printed the silly things upside down so I got a bargain

Cheryl said...

Howdy... new swap on the horizon~ Looks to be a FuN oNe~Cheryl

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I saw your M&M cards at Michaels and I almost bought some that I could send them out to Good Mail Girls with weird little messages pretending to be you. But then I saw some beachy cards and that distracted me from my evil plot.

I don't live in the poopee house, jeannie! I don't live in the yellow submarine either.