Thursday, July 5, 2007

Are You Listening?

Think your kids don't listen to you? Think again. You'll know for sure when they use your own strategies to out maneuver you.

Lean comes in this morning and says," Should I have a cone or just a scoop of ice cream for breakfast?". ??? AHHH the lesser of two evils approach--(I used it on her just yesterday. Me "Do you want to take a bath or clean your room?")

intercept me "You can't have ice cream for breakfast. None of your friends have ice cream for breakfast". Lean "I'm not those kids and you're not those moms. We have our own way of doing things." UH HUH, the old reverse jump off the bridge tactic. smooth.
Me; silence,followed by staring Yeah, they listen


mom2princess said...

Very Cute! I love kids! They keep me smiling!

B said...

Hey, Jeannie,
You learned to post pics on your blog. Hooray for you!
Boy, don't ya just hate it when your own words come back to bite you in the butt!
:-) Brenda

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Well, my kids would reason with me "But mooooommmm, you had ice cream for breakfast." And then, I really wouldn't have a peg leg to stand on.

Children learn by example. I should stop my spontaneous chicken dancing performances.

Jean Knee said...

m2p; yeah cute now she's only five imagine her negotiating abilities when she's 14

b- nah my hubby was messing around I still can't do it, but hey chaeck out that sideways party at the top, and see my big giant head by scrolling to the bottom of blog--do you know how to delete?

/elastic- this morning she asked if she could have a small spoonful of ice cream if she had a healthy breakfast, I said yes so I didn't have to get up yet. She then brings me a mini ice cream sundae to eat in bed. I had to eat it you can't let good ice cream go to waste. and well I couldn't eat alone so she ate her "spoonful turned sundae" with me

it's a good life