Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another Mexican Restaurant Tail

La Fiesta is one of my favorite Tex-Mex restaurants. They have a full menu with traditional fare and some more exotic dishes. We were perusing the menu when Rim said, "There's chihuahua on the menu", and pointed. I said ha ha how nice. The fact is I couldn't really read the menu because I have that middle aged thing where your arm is suddenly too short to hold the menu out far enough for you to see it. Plus Rim is one year older than me and no way I'm gonna let her eyes be better than mine. Rim: Isn't that chihuahua??? I look very closely, concentrating hard. Yes, it did say chihuahua. So of course we joked around, our men ignored us, and our children hung off us.

Then I remembered Silly Saturday. Yes! NCS was leaving it to us this week. Hmmmm Well it is Saturday and that is silly so I ripped it out of its protective sleeve and slipped it into my jacket pocket. I know this sounds a little like when I accidentally stole that Plate but this is completely different. That happened on the day of the dead and this was November 22.

When I got home I googled cooked chihuahua and look what came up. Mmmmm Hmmm tasty is right.
and for your Thanksgiving delight here is a chihuahua dressed as a turkey. I think it's kinda like a turducken . Mmm

Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's Saturday

A while ago Bee and Tracy gave me some kind of award type thing where you tell six things you love. I couldn't think of anything witty but I really like comments so I'm gonna write something anyway.
1. Candy. I love it so much Lean has her candy drawer inventoried so I don't eat any while she's at school.

2. I love my big huge, jiggly butt. People can identify me on the street just by recognizing my butt. (can't put a photo or the neighbors will recognize it and my anonymity will be ruined, sorry pervs)

3. Augusten Burroughs. I love his biographical story-oes. I am not, however, recommending him to any of you to read.

4. I love sweet little cupcake, tea party , girlie glam, sugar coated things.

these are by Miss Rhea of Sweet n shabby roses
5. I love strange little dried toad, Lizzie Borden, fake teeth jumping, zombie killin, kick ass things.

6. I love how one of our neighbors keeps stealing our paper and how we are going to set up a camera and catch the dill weed in the act.
Now, I'm supposed to pass it on to six people but I'm not, cuz I'M A REBEL!
who just laughed

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I Went to Friday's on a Saturday and got the Shaft

You know what's good? That Jack Daniel's chicken from Friday's. We went there tonight just so I could enjoy some but, egads no grilled cheese for Lean. What kind of place doesn't have grilled cheese? Really? We requested grilled cheese because we're elitist pigs who think the world revolves around them and all of our wishes should be pandered to. They said okay but they'd have to use the garlic bread, we said okay.

When it arrived Lean didn't like it so she didn't eat it. When we get the bill they charged that grilled cheese as a rib dinner, the most expensive one on the menu. The waitress says some nonsense about how the bread costs a dollar a piece and then they had to use cheese, that still should only come out to 3-4 dollars in my book. So she goes on and on and Drew blurts out We're done here, tell your manager we won't be back. She tries to backslide and say she'll take it off our bill, which should have already been done because Lean didn't eat it. Instead they charged us the highest price they could. Whatever happened to service I ask you?

Blah blah this post is boring and went nowhere, probably cuz I'm wasted from that Jack Daniel's chicken. You could have stopped reading.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why I am a Butt Hole

I voted yesterday. Surprisingly the lines were short to nonexistent, yesss. I walk right in no wait. There is one guy in front of me, I get behind him, not too closely , and Drew gets behind me. I notice they have tons of volunteers but no cookies and hot chocolate like our other voting place. Da da da da dat, hm hmm hm. An elderly lady approaches Drew, manhandles him and tells him to line up to the side or he'll get run over. There is no one behind him to run over him but he's polite so he does it. The old lady then manhandles me, putting her hands on my shoulder and pushing me. I dig in my heels and won't budge. She shoves harder, I dig in deeper. Then I'm next so it's a moot point. We vote, we leave.

We're out in the car and I ask Drew why he thinks I'm such a butt hole. Smart man says " why"?
"You know how when the old lady tried to make me move I flat out wouldn't do it. She's just an old lady. Probably a former fourth grade teacher used to moving people and lines around and she was having a good time. So why do you think I just couldn't have moved and humored her?"
Drew: "She told you do move, she didn't ask you to move. If someone tells you to do something you won't do it. If someone ASKS you to do something and it's reasonable you'll usually do it."
Me: "plus she tried to push me"
Drew: "yeah"

So that's why. All this time I never figured it out. I hope when our new President takes office he's a butt hole too.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Costumes

So here we are for Halloween. Lean had to be Chloe the chihuahua. You can probably guess partly what I am but no way you'll get the whole thing. If you do I will send you your own personal red hot cock sucker :)