Saturday, August 21, 2010

How Could You Be Any More Famous Than You Already Are?

You may ask me. And I will answer, " by being featured in the Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Crafts issue. " Twice. Two times. Two projects. Dos. Hey do you like those Dos Equis commercials or what?

Anyway, you open the mag and there is my star tag on the second page of the table of contents. Applause.
And then in the middle of the mag there it is again. Why so popular you may ask? I have no
idea. In the past two years I have sold a total of one (1) set of star tags in my shop. I know.

Then around page 82 there are my Christmas treat cups. I also sold only one (1) order of these but still, they were only listed one year.
Of course there was one page that bore a completely unflattering photo of me and some boring bio blah, blah. I sent them an okay photo of myself...they lost it. I sent another okay photo of myself, they lost it. So I was forced at the last minute to take a horrible photo of myself without makeup and unstyled hair. They promised they would air brush it. Liars .I'm not including that page you'll have to buy it to see me. You know you wanna see.
I'm kidding about it like it was no big deal but it is really cool to see your stuff in a mag. A famous mag. ..... The only mag you'll ever buy again. ......
That's right.

Thank you Meredith publishing, I was only kidding about the air brushing but hey, you could have tried something :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Want to Hear Something Funny?

As you know, I am a hard core bad ass on this blog. (who just laughed? Bee!) But on my craft blog I'm always sweet and placid. Well, a crafter accidentally got on this blog and started following me. I thought about heading her over to my craft blog but said "what the hey?"
The day I put up those pictures of humans kissing animals she flounced and stopped following me. ha

You know this sounded much more interesting in my head. Give me a break people, I'm a housewife.

Coming soon: Another foreign object story ---with photos
Another I'm famous story