Sunday, June 21, 2009

Watch Out for That Dog Poop

We were out walking the neighborhood this morning enjoying the scorching heat, categorizing our various body aches, and yelling at dogs. By chance I looked down and saw that Drew was about to step in a gigantic pile of dog crap. My ninja sharp reflexes kicked in and I yelled, "DOO DOO!". Drew keeps walking, steps in it and says "what?"
"You walked in dog crap".
"Well, I didn't know what you were yelling about, you should have said ' watch out for that dog poo'. Besides it was dry"

Hmmmm If I had taken the time to say that mouthful no way would he have had time to avoid the crap. "DOO DOO!" gave him time to stop or move over.

He then made fun of me for awhile yelling things like KETCHUP!. What a card.

We turned onto our street where Lean was riding her scooter. A car started out into the street so I yelled "CAR!" No response, so I keep yelling move!and watch out!

Drew says, " see how effective your one word outbursts are?" hmmmm

I guess he has a point but seriously if someone yelled DOO DOO! at you wouldn't you stop? If your heard CAR! wouldn't you move? Are all those excess words really needed? If someone yelled SNAKE!,..SPIDER!..or MOJITO! at you wouldn't you respond?

Just for fun I keep yelling DOO DOO!! at him every so often.

Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm Famous-ish

Is that my cute little daughter in the photo? no ...Did I make those cute clothes? no...

See that sweet little nut cup ( I always snicker when I talk about my nut cups, so..) the cute little girl is holding? That darling little crepe basket is mine, done by me, that's right. The owner contacted me and bought a nut cup (snicker...) to go in her store's photo shoot.

I was going to brag on my craft blog but no one reads it so I'm forcing it down your throats. Yea

You're right, I'll probably brag there too.

check out her store


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Walt Disney Effs everything Up

How many stories has Disney screwed up? Changing plots around, getting the "facts" wrong, sweetifying until the point of a saccahrin coma. Did you see Pocohontas?... seriously
Wait, that might have been Oliver Stone......nope, Disney...whatever.

We rcently rewatched Finding Nemo *, which is a good movie except for its non factual fact; all drains lead to the ocean- Oh Really? Not in rural Texas. All drains in our house lead to the septic tank-in our back yard. The End.

I had a chat with Lean that went something like this:

L: Mom when are we going to bury

JK: Any time you want to

L: I was thinking that he wants to go to the ocean so we can just flush him because "All drains lead to the ocean".

(think quick, think quick, now's your chance to get the fish outta the freezer, so what if our drain goes to the septic?)

JK: yes, if that's what you want to do we can have a little funeral and then flush him.

L: No, I don't want to have a funeral cause it makes me sad.

We got him out of the freezer and prepapred him for flushing. More chatting:

L: Why's he gray?

JK: because he's dead

L: What happened to his eyes?

J: they dried up

L: Are we gonna flush the foil?

J: no

Then we flushed him, it was that easy. She thinks Cupcake is in the ocean and all is right with the world. Who's to say he isn't?

RIP Cupcake, home at last.
(14 months later)

* yes I know it is Pixar, Disney owns them. Oliver Stone's cousin works in the copy room.