Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

It's Earth Day, what are you doing about it? I'm rubbing photos of Father Al (pre-vampire) all over my naked body while watching that commercial of the crying Indian (native American to all you whiny PC types). All the while reflecting.......................

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Penny VS. the Kong

Penny has been looking a little glum lately. She's bored. The companionship of a half witted dalmatian can only take you so far.

I purchased her the latest in dog toy technology, the
KONG. Yes it is somewhat phallic, I agree. The idea is to put a dog treat inside the opening of the KONG while leaving some to protrude. Give it to your dog and they will be occupied for hours trying to get the treat. Instant fun!


I gave it to her and she let it fall to the ground in her usual "I can't be bothered with such droll dog type things" attitude. Then she caught the scent of liver, delicious quivering liver, be still my heart. She got a nip of the liver quiver and she was hooked. She did try for a very long time to get the treat, trying new positions, new tactics. If I had filmed it it would have rivaled Bee's winter tale. Eventually her attention flagged for a moment and Polka Dot, Dalmatian of doom, swooshed it, grabbed it and ran exactly 30 feet away. Penny is confined by a thirty foot leash and Polka knows the boundaries down to the inch. Of course then he taunted her with it, the beast. What? Yes I could have purchased him one as well but those things are $12.95 plus the treats. I had to make sure they would both use it. Actually it was more fun watching the taunting. Finally Drew felt bad and broke the treat down so they could get it.

thirty feet away, thirty feet away ,thirty feet away

Such fun. Of course it got me thinking about others who might have hours of fun trying to get their treat of choice out of a KONG. Put some "get out of paying taxes free" cards in Kongs and pass them around a meeting of Obama's cabinet members. Hours of silence and no time to think up additional ways to socialize our free market ways.

Some would be easy: put some Cabury mini eggs in mine and a good heap of green bean casserole in Brian's.

Give me some of your ideas. A cigarette in Obama's, a J.Crew catalogue in Michele's, anti bacterial soap in Howie Mandell's? You can even be crude if you are so inclined.