Monday, June 14, 2010

I've Been Traumatized Once Again

What ever happened to good manners? They seem to be missing almost every place I go.
I went out to dinner tonight, was enjoying myself quite a bit when I spied her. The lady across from me was picking her teeth with one of those toothpick/dental floss doohickies. It wasn't just a simple little surreptitious ping with the pick. Oh no. Ms. Dental hygiene was shoving the floss part between her teeth, sawing vigorously and then flicking out particles. So disgusting but I couldn't stop watching her. It's like how your eyes are drawn to really gaggy things like roadkill, CSI, or staring at an unsightly wart on another person's face.

I kept looking. And she did not disappoint, no she did not. Saw, saw, saw flick. Saw, saw, saw flick. This went on for some time. When the bill came she let the toothpick/floss thing hang out of her mouth like a hillbilly chewing on a straw. It just dangled there for the waitress and the whole place to see. Hang, hang ,hang hang

I hate people

Friday, June 4, 2010

You Know What's Gross?

Looking down to find two flies mating on your knee. So....very....gross...