Saturday, July 14, 2007

Favorite Musing

An insomniac, , agnostic, ,dyslexic person:

someone who stays up all night wondering if there is a dog

ahhh, the sweet musings of life


Kimberly said...

Okay...officially the funniest thing I've read/heard all day!

B said...

Go check out today's post on my blog to see the pics from Hattie's party. The food turned out really good, after it was all said and done, and yes, I do charge for my parties, although not nearly enough, I fear. I charge exactly 1/2 of what the Partea Planner charges, for exactly the same amount of food. I'm just starting my business, and have tried to make my prices comparable to tea rooms in my area.
Wanna come to sunny So. California and have a tea party with me?
:D Brenda

B said...

I don't know what I thought you looked like, but I imagined that you had brown hair and brown eyes. When I saw your pic at the bottom of your blog, I was surprised to see you have beautiful blue eyes.
I actually do have shoulder length hair,it's just up in a clip for the party, and it is curly only when I curl it. It used to be blond, then turned a light brown before turning more grey-ish brown. As long as it doesn't turn loose, I'm okay.
Isn't it funny how we get images in our heads and then are surprised when our "picture" of what someone looks like is different from reality. Have a great weekend!
:D Brenda

B said...

Hey, saw you signed up for the cupcakes swap. What are ya gonna make?
:D Brenda

B said...

Good morning, Jeannie
That company that dissed you, send them one of those "rods" decorated in polka dots that are in 3-D, so it will feel really "good" when they insert it!
I haven't got around to doing the faux cupcakes yet, but they are easy to make. Use plaster of paris to make the cupcakes themselves, then use spackle to make the frosting. My problem was that I put the spackle in my decorating tube too thick, then took it out, but didn't get it all out. I thinned down what I took out, but since I didn't get all the "too thick" stuff out, the thinner wouldn't go thru. So I thinned it down even more, thinking it wasn't thin enough. Then I got too thin and it didn't hold its shape when I piped it on the top of the cupcakes. It just sort of fell flat. I then covered them with confetti, or you could use small beads. Just make your spackle the consistency of cake frosting. I did mini cupcakes, and then I tied pink ribbons around the outside.
I didn't join the cupcake swap because I didn't find out about it until it was the last day to sign up, and I thougth I'd be too busy with all the other stuff I have to do to have the time to do the swap too. So hopefully the next time a fun-sounding swap comes around, I'll get in on it.
:D Brenda

mcewen said...

Excellent! works for me.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Sweet musings of life 101:
Here I sit all broken hearted.
Tried to crap but only farted.

Amber said...

Sounds like someone needs more sleep. :-)