Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy National Candy Corn Day!

Yes, October 30 is national candy corn day. mmm.

First made in the 1880's candy corn sales reach 20 million pounds per year. Yehawww that's a lot of candy corn.

I fall into the category that doesn't particularly like candy corn, but I do enjoy one or two pieces at Halloween. The new fangled flavors and Easter and Christmas candy corn have never grabbed me either. So pretty much I leave it to others to enjoy.

Until this year. Now they have chocolate covered candy corn. Chocolate; now who doesn't love things covered in chocolate? I have a lovely package of the said confecction which I will be sharing with my extended family tonight. I will of course let you know if it is a yummy as it sounds
UPDATE: chocolate covered candy corn is pretty good

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boo Humbug

We finally got boo'd, for the very first time. Boo virgins no longer baby!

So booing is kinda like a chain letter only fun and you won't die a horrible death if you break it. Someone sends you a bag of Halloween goodies and within two days you send two other neighbors a bag of goodies and so on blah blah. You place a boo sign on your door so you won't be boo'd again because that's not fair and this is America.

We opened our goodies and made up two more boo bags of stuff, plus two kewl skeletons with green light up eyes, Oh Yeah! AND we placed the boo sign out like we were supposed to do. Because I always follow directions as you may know. It was fun getting everything together and delivering the surprises to doors WITHOUT a BOO sign.
To my absolute horror one of the houses had already been boo'd but did not put the sign out so this was their second stinkin boo, cheater pants! Not only that but they refused (at least so far) to boo anyone else and still after being boo'd twice won't put out the sign. CHEATERS!!!

The other house had not yet been boo'd so that was good, we told them to put the sign out so they won't get boo'd again but they refuse to do it. OH the Horror!!

So I was getting all lathered up about it and ranting all around the house. My blood pressure was up and then I noticed how pathetic I am. MY GAWWWD, I have no life whatsoever, I'm almost as bad as a PTA mom sticking her nose all up in other people's business and I probably ruined it for my kid. ARRRRRGH


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Party Till the Crow Pecks Your Eyes Out

Yes once again it is almost Halloween, the most awesome day of the year. The birthday of Satan, or taxes, or my little ponies. I can never remember which.

And so to give you partay ideas, or bad dreams or something here is a party pack a customer ordered in apple green and hot pink. Drew predicted no one would by my friends because they are too creepy, but here a customer not only bought them but glammed them up with custom colors.

I would love to be at that party.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Budget Shrink

Lately I've been thinking I might need some psychological help. I don't hear voices or eat my toe jam on toast or anything that creepy. I have been a bit edgy around the elderly for a while now. I'm not entirely sure if it's them or me who is at fault (probably the elderly you know how they love to drive you tee totally insane with their inane stories about their cats. )

Today I was sent a sign. From above you may wonder? No, from Brian. He had this link to an electronic shrink program type thing.
Eliza So I decide to have a go at it. Here is a transcript from our session:

>Hello,I am Eliza.
*Hello, I am Jean Knee.
>Did you come to me because you are Jean Knee?
*No, what kind of stupid ass thing is that to ask?
>Why do you ask?
*I do not know
>Tell me more...What is it you really want to know?
* Is it morally worse to be mean to the elderly because of their decreased mental capacity?
>Can you elaborate on that?
>You are being a bit negative.
* You are being a bit of an ass yourself.
>Perhaps you would like to be being a bit of an ass myself?
*Oh my gawwd - they've even outsourced shrinks to India
>Say, do you have any psychological problems?
>Are you sure?
>Are you sure?
>Come, come elucidate your thoughts.
*Shove it
>OK... "You am being a bit of an ass yourself" . Tell me more

Here I just gave up because by now I was convinced Eliza must be elderly herself. And Indian.