Monday, July 16, 2007

All American Rejects

WARNING: this post is long and boring and full of bad language. If you find any of these things offensive

I love kid's parties. I plan and have them all the time. It's just something I do.

While rumaging around for ideas I found that 'certain products' were manufactured by a local comopany. I emailed them a breezy little note (yeah, sometimes I can be breezy) saying I liked their 'product' , had used it in my previous line of work etc.. and inquired about a certain "product' I was searching for. They returned a breezy little email saying they didn't have it but would keep it in mind for a future product development. They developed many of their 'products' based on suggestions from customers. la la la

They had never promoted thier 'product' as a decoarative craft item so I offered to put together a party and see if they would be interested in working with me to exapnd and market their 'product' to the party preoccupied like myself.

I worked up a party, they liked it and requested I make up two more parties.
I kept the parties simple since I had noticed at our meeting that they weren't too adept at thinking outside the box. They didn't even realize there were other boxes out there- you know the type.

I sent in a photo layout and outline for the additional parties. NEVER HEARD BACK.
I emailed them a breezy little note requesting a time to meet and discuss marketing strategies and such.

They sent back an email stating that they weren't interested because they were short staffed but that I could PURCHASE thier 'product' if I wantedf to develop more parties. The implication being that I was trying to dupe them into giving me their 'product' FOR FREE. We're talking a retail value of $6.00, it probably cost them $.15 to make. I don't need to trick anyone into giving me free products. I've got granite counter tops, damnit!! (that was for you EWBL)

Yes I took, FOR FREE, about 10 packages of their 'product'... To develop and market 'their product', to expand 'their company'. Did they mention returning My materials that cost Me money to develop 'their product'??? That would be a no.

So I ask you, why would they want me to waste My time and My money? OH right, I wanted free 'products', I keep forgetting.

Two things in their favor: 1. Their 'prodict' really is good for parties (their loss)
2..they stress that they are 100% made in America. BUT....

Is it the American way to be so anally impacted that dynamite couldn't blasst your shit loose? TAKE A CHANCE PEOPLE.

No one (me) is going to spend time and money to showcase your product if they are trying to get $6.00 of your stuff for free. Trust me on this one.

That is why I am awarding them the title of: All American Rejects (for free)

No offense to the band, your music rocks


Carrot Jello said...

I have a built in bad word censor. I couldn't find a bad word in your post, so it must be working.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Was this "product" a spin the bottle game? Because I already sent you one of those free of charge.

How many boys have you kissed playing the Spin The Bottle I gave you, jean knee? Huh? Did you go to the closet with john knee yet? I hear he likes girls with granite countertops. I'll always be just a laminate hussy to him. :(

Kimberly said...

Rejects is right!

Radioactive Jam said...

Rant on! Woohoo! Go go Ranting Girl!


SoDak Angel said...

that is so stinky! I wish I knew what the product I could boycott with you. The thing is, I hope they don't take your ideas, and market them as their own in a year...I am betting they do.

Tori :) said...

You go girl! Tell them where they can stick their product!

Chris said...

Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!

It has a not-too-bad ring to it, yes?

Jean Knee said...

carrot- good deal I thought I used the s word
elastic- nah the 'product' wasn't spin the bottle, if it was it would have already lodged in their
tight white as#ses
kimber- yeah!!
raj- love to rant- love it
Angel- I've had other companies' help themselves to my ideas
tori- those people are so full of it nothing else would fit
chris- yeha boycott those commie