Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Spa Experience

A few years ago I went to a spa. I normally would not spend the huge amount of money to go to one but it was a job perk freebie, so I went. It was pretty awesome. You go in and kind of just hang around in these big fluffy robes sipping lemon water and chai chi tea infusions. It smells wonderful, you relax & listen to soothing music. Later on get a massage, a manicure, soak in a hot tub etc..... wow

Well today I almost got to relive my spa experience. I went for a mammogram because two of my doctors insisted it was necessary. yep. soo

I walked into the office to hear soothing music tinkling in the background. There was a huge bubbling fountain and beautiful wall hangings all over. And I sat in an area alone. Just like at the spa. I was called into another room where I changed into a fluffy robe and ended up in another lovely waiting area with soothing music. Ahhhh this is the life isn't i? Everything was spotlessly clean and lovely looking. Then I spied a table that had a huge container of lemon infused water with real sliced lemons in it. And right next to it a fancy espresso machine with every kind of cafe latte, chai tea mixes you could ever imagine. Far too soon it was time for my mammogram so I took a package of hot chocolate latte extreme with me to try at home later.

It was over quickly and I was on my way. And to tell you the truth? I really was happier and more relaxed. I felt like a person and not an appointment. If only all medical appointments could be this nice.

And then shortly after I left I remembered how the AMA now recommends mammograms starting at age 50. A decade later than previously suggested. I'm 45. Not quite there yet. Now I'm wondering if my insurance will even cover any of the appointment. If it's not recommended by the AMA they don't have to approve it no matter how many doctors told me to do it. Funny how this just came about after health care was passed. Probably by next month the AMA will have decided that pap smears aren't needed yearly, no one needs their cholesterol checked and old people should crawl into the corner never to be heard from again.

I guess in truth my spa mammogram will cost about 10 times as much as a regular spa visit.

I hate Obama and his horrid health care

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Horror Continues.................

I think the most romantic aspect of these images is how they all have their eyes closed.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Adventure With Tween

Today I was relaying some tidbit of parental wisdom to my daughter Lean, to which she replied "Talk to the hand".
I really don't go for all than tween "whatever" type stuff.
So I told her not to even try that "talk to the hand" stuff with me.

To which she turned around and replied "Talk to the booty 'cuz the hand's off duty"

What do you even say after something like that?