Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Swim Lessons

Two weeks ago I signed my daughter,Lean, up to take swim lessons from a local teacher who teaches at her house. Things went fine. Lean found a friend, she wasn't too scared etc.

The parents sat on a shaded porch lush with flowers, rocking chairs a nice breeze. Everyone was friendly and chatty. I learned all about Barb's grandchildren and husband. Kelly updated us on the current book she was reading every day. Every body cheered the kids on--it was nice--I looked forward to it every day.

We went on vacation for a week and Lean did okay in the hotel pool but still needed some lessons. So this week we returned. This was a different class on its second week so everyone was new to us. Lean went down to the pool and I went to the porch and said "Hi" to everyone.
I was answered with blank stares. Okay, they may be shy. So I sat down and asked the mom next to me the general stuff. Answered with one word answers no eye contact. Okay maybe I smell funny whatever, there's always tomorrow.

Well today is tomorrow so we went back. Once again"HI" ; blank stare. I see a mom that was in the last session with us (who was friendly and all before). I say "hi what's new etc. ) nothing but a couple of two word mumbles. No less than four of the moms immediately began to talk on cell phones. Then they had the nerve to speak in another language so I couldn't even eavesdrop. bummer Of course it became obvious that they all had rods up their bums. Gone were the fluffy little chit chats to be replaced by stiff anal rods. My word! who ordered those things?

Do you purchase them and have them installed or are they something you catch from others? Well I guess the mom from the first session must have caught it somehow during the week we were on vacation. This is alarming to me, will I also catch a stiff rod up my arse from swim lessons? Hope not , but just in case I'm wearing two pairs of underware and some thick jeans tomorrow. I also will not be bending over.

Sorry I digressed from my usual perky polka dot prattle.


B said...

It just ticks me off when people act like that. Do they thing they're too good to speak or even carry on a polite conversation? I think polite society is a thing of the past.

Jean Knee said...

My hubby thinks people have no social skills because they spend too much time on the

B said...

OMG...What if he's right? We'll have to give up blogging! Nooooo! :)

Jean Knee said...

Forget about it

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I'm not laughing AT you but how you told this.
Their loss, huh?

B said...

jean knee,
Come on over to b'z place and check out all the polka dotted scrapbook paper I got the other day. I didn't realize how many with dots I had gotten until I spread them out to take a picture of them for my blog. I think you'll like them! :-)

Jean Knee said...

Its okay to laugh at me, I kinda like it

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Maybe they had other things on their mind? Maybe they have bad breath and didn't want to open their mouths to reveal it? (happens to me sometimes) Maybe they spit excessively when they talk?

I'm a tireless advocate for mankind. You must always exhaust all possible rationale for bad behaviour before assuming that some people just aren't very quality.