Sunday, June 24, 2007


Have you seen that site postsecret? It's " an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a home made post card".
I've seen it twice. Once on Father's Day and then again today. At first it just made me uncomfortable because it's kinda like spying, then I felt freaked out at some of the content. Then I thought about what could make a person send in their secrets on a post card for anyone in cyberspace to see.

I kept browsing seeing that some were witty, some were sad,some were angry, yet others bewildering.(I can relate to the insomnia one personally).

The post cards are very much like life in all its complicated complications. Don't we all have days of feeling witty, feeling sad, feeling shame, feeling bewildered? And what if when we're feeling these things we have no where to go with them? It must be very freeing to send off your burden and share it with others. Some will relate to it, some will be astounded, others outraged. Yet when the secret is shared doesn't it become diluted every time someone sees it and thinks about it-- no matter their reaction? Doesn't it become lighter for the person carrying it around.

I think it does.
I hope it does.
I thought about each card I saw.
I shared the burden.


elasticwaistbandlady said...

Post Secret is my guilty pleasure! I clickety on there every Sunday, but the dysfunctional array of Father's Day cards depressed me.

I got your Good Mail, oh yes I did! Think you can out environmental me? Bring. It. On.

Jean Knee said...

What secret would you mail in? Mine would say " I don't own anything with polka dots on it".
Also I would print it on a 100% reused paper source.

Melissa said...

Hey - thanks for stopping by my site! :) I've never been to the post secret site... maybe I'll have to check it out...

Chris said...

My secret would be that I never tell a secret.

My attempt at being sarcastic has failed miserably.

Carrot Jello said...

My secret would be, "My name is not really Carrot Jello"
I check Post Secret every Sunday too.

No Cool Story said...

I'm with EWBL, guilty pleasure for me too :)

I'll tell you a secret I got some awesome polka dotty Good Mail today. Who needs Godiva cholcolates when you can have some good, fun and colorful polka dots?
Thank you!!