Saturday, June 16, 2007

Swap Happy

Wowsa wow wow. I'm hooked. I'm a believer. I'm there. I'm talkin bout swaps. I did the partea time swap at the partea planner. Got my swap box today. Everything was so awesome and caring and wow. Thanks Heidi.
It's kinda like a drug I can't wait to do again? Check everything out on flikr under partea time swap- code name ppinkmomma.
Now that i've done one I see them all over blog land and want to do them all. I gotta go slow and easy or I will really get hooked. I can just see it: I'm at the computer 24/7 looking for the latest "fix". My family never sees me, I have to mortgage the house to pay postage, dirty laundry and dishes pile up all around me, I mean more than usual.



B said...

Saw your comments on my blog - thanx for writing! Since I'm new at blogging I get a little thrill whenever someone reads it. I found your blog by reading your comments to the Partea Planner, Risa. Her's is the very first blog I ever read, and I visit her site a lot. I was going to join her partea time swap, but backed out because I had a lot of prior commitments, and felt I wouldn't be able to put my best efforts into it. So right after I had signed up, I emailed her back and dropped out. I really wish I would have stayed in, but, like I said, wouldn't have been able to give my best effort due to time constraints. So, maybe next swap that comes along, I'll join.
As for adding pictures, it's eally easy. If you know how to attach files to emails, you can do the pix on your blog. You just click on the little picture icon at the top of your posting screen, and then it will give you another screen to add your pictures. You just do it the same way you would attach an email file. Believe me, if I was able to fiugre it out, anybody can do it. I'm am soooo computer-challenged! Give it a try. I'd love to see some of your polka dot creations!

katydiddy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You are off to a great start with your blog.

ShabbyInTheCity said...

Welcome to the blogfamily! I met you at Risa's too :)