Friday, June 22, 2007

Rod For Sale--Cheap

Today was the last day of swim lessons. The before mentioned moms all showed up with men in tow. Each couple oooed and awwwwed over their progeny and everyone took numerous photos. Laughter was heard, snips of conversation. Joy was in the air.

I showed up with no man and no camera. I sat in my chair, mouth agape, and watched in complete silence.

Insert rod.


B said...

I LOVE your "take" on things and your commentary about it all. I, like shabbyinthecity, am not laughing at you, but the way you tell your stories is so darn funny! I could just picture the whole scenario in my mind as I was reading. You have a wonderful sense of humor.
:-) Brenda

mom2princess said...

Too funny! My kids take swim lessons too. I have had the same problem...No one will talk to me! So today, I took my camera. I walked around each of my kids classes(areas)... I snapped a lot of photo's. I had noticed that the insructers were looking at me funny, but, I was bored.

Later I was handed a flyer that asked parents to stay back on the balcony...that way the kids could learn more without distraction......ooooops.

Annie said...

My kid blew her own nose. Someone give her a ribbon.

B said...

Jean Knee,
Trying out different templates to see if I can customize to my own liking. I can't stop myself from changing things around constantly - I'm like that with decorating, crafting, and now blogging. Just weird that way. I liked the polka dots, but I wanted to change the colors of them and couldn't figure out how to do it, so I just keep changing and changing and changing. This is the 3rd or 4th background I've had since yesterday! Visit again later today, and it'll probably be different again!
:-) Brenda