Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Melting Pot

Don't worry this isn't a quasi-political post exploring America's progress with racial integration. sigh

The Melting Pot is the greatest,yummiest, most happening cheese fest on the planet. That's right all fondue, all the time; three course fondue deliciousness. mmmmm

This is not the kiddie fondue playset with mini marshmallows and generic Hershey's syrup of your youth. This is the REAL DEAL ( yes it's a chain but that don't mean it aint real baby)

We sat down and there's a warming element built into the table, not on the table-built in. The waiter brings a tray with fresh ingredients: three kinds of cheeses, saki, herbs, garlic,leeks, then he tosses them in a pot right at your table. It melts around for a while then you go through training. Skew, dip,lift,twist,put on plate,remove from skewer, eat. We were naturals. We skewed and devoured mountains of assorted bread and veggies using the proper technique-mostly. A novice across from us apparently did not pass the training session. He skewered, dipped, lifted then shoved it right in his mouth. Yep, cheese everywhere and that dreaded double dipping.

The meat course came out next; every meat known to man plus seven different dipping sauces. All good until the waiter tried to take the cheese. What is going on?? A fondue place should have everything slathered in cheese. Am I right? I told him I wanted the cheese. I could tell he disapproved but the hunger in my eyes kept him from saying anything because, after all, I am the one holding the skewer. He let me keep it off to the side while the meat broth was simmering on the built in burner. I was the first and only customer to insist on keeping the cheese. It's FONDUE remember? I dipped every meat in the cheese, forget the sauces- it's FONDUE

Last course was a chocolate caramel fondue with assorted delicasies.
This was real chocolate people. We dipped brownie bits, pound cake pieces. cheesecake nibblers, marshmallows and fruit. Fondue baby, FONDUE

Then vacation was over, bummer.

My DH, Drew, purchased a swiss fondue at our local grocery. That man is priceless I tell you. One night after everyone was asleep I had to have the FONDUE. I HAD. TO. Have. It. Directions said not to microwave, curious. I poured it into a pan and gently simmered it , I love to cook. It smelled, well, strong. I dipped a small sliver of bread into it and tasted. Seemed pretty good so I hurriedly drenched and consumed some more. I stopped when I heard a noise- no way I'm sharing FONDUE. During my pause I noticed my throat was burning, my stomach was burning, my toes were tingling. I grabbed the box and read that the second ingredient was wine, ... , fourth ingredient brandy. Now I know why no microwave--this stuff was 80 proof. Egads I'm gonna have a hang over in the morning. Yikes!

I guess that's why Swiss families are always smiling. FONDUE baby, FONDUE!


Burg said...

There's one of those close to here. I was wondering if it would be any good, now I may have to go just to see how many people make a big cheesy mess.

Melissa said...

So, what you're saying is that you are a drunk fodue lover? NICE :D

Jean Knee said...

ahh Melissa if only it were so simple. I believe this is a cautionart tale about the dangers of dipping and blogging.

mom2princess said...

Mmmmmmm...... Sounds Yummy! I have never been there, but my Hubby has. He talks about how wonderful it is, but has never taken me! Grrrrrr.... I want to go!

B said...

jean knee,
thanks for the great review of The Melting Pot. I'd never heard of it before, so I just went online and looked it up and guess what? There's one opening this summer just down the street from me, about 2 miles away. So as soon as they open, I'll have to get over there and check it out! It sounds super-yummy!

elasticwaistbandlady said...

We have one here in H-Town, but it'll set you back a lot of bread to enjoy a meal there!

They call me The Big Dipper. You can be my sidekick, Little Dipper, though.

Jean Knee said...

Oh yeah was it pricey. I'll probably never go again but I'll always remember the summer of 07.

I will soon be on a quest to find an affordable fondue source. Sans the 80 proof though

Nobody said...

Okay, so you left a comment, a month ago, on my Melting Pot post about your MP post. And it has taken me THIS long to figure out what you meant. Because I'm a genius.

Your post had me drooling, and I just finished dinner. I don't think my experience was half as good as yours. We just did cheese and chocolate to keep from having to take a second mortgage out on the home---and maybe that made the difference. I'd like to try it again, and do the whole shebang.