Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Life Update

Yes it will be boring but what do I care? I'm not gonna read it. Apparently no one else is either. Go figure.

Got some good mail today! These girls know who they are and what they sent me. I was a little disappointed to find out I wasn't the only one to get an envelope full of bird feathers. Don't know what it means-yet.

Got my swap partner. I browsed her site and itis lovely. She's an artist who creates vintage lovelies. They are so sweet and pretty. Check her out at Sorry I cant'l link.

Other news: also got an overdue library notice and bills a plenty. Who sends this stuff? I didn't sign up for any of it


B said...

How do you get in the "good mail" club? I tried to sign up thru one of the blogs yuo recomended - I think bon-bon boutique?, but she never responded. Who DOES send all those bills and junk mail anyway? I didn't sign up for that either, but it comes with great regularity!

Chris said...

Bird feathers may have the H5N1 virus. Or some kind of funky smell. Either way, you're good. Hopefully.

Sarah and Jack said...

If you email me I will tell you what html code to use to make links. I dont think blogger will let me put it in the comments.