Monday, January 28, 2008

Spew Fest 2008 is on Hiatus

Yes, The Spew seems to have made a rather abrupt exit, just when things were getting fun. If you missed The Spew, don't worry there are still plenty of tour souvenirs available for immediate purchase.

Mega Vomit Corporation has worked with us to offer a fabulous pack of simulated Spew. Just look how life-like it is. Hang it as a decoration or use it to fool your friends or bats. It also works as a barrier to ensure that others keep a polite distance from you. Someone shoving up against you in line? Stealthily fling out The Spew with your own spin on retching noises and everyone will back off, affording you the personal space you deserve.

Don't be fooled by competitors, see first hand how Mega Vomit's Spew measures up against its competitors Fake Barf and Whoops. They don't even come close.Act now and we'll add, at no additional charge, The Spew Booklet. Learn tips on how best to use your Spew like these:

Use Spew as a decorative doily for you next party platter

Carry our fully fold able Spew in your pocket to be used in all sorts of


Pull out Spew if you are pulled over for a moving violation.

Use Spew to get out of meetings early.

Wife's not going for the standard "not tonight dear, I have

a headache"? Spew her.

Mortgage over due? Send in the payment with some spew

taped to the envelope, who wants to touch that?

And so many other tips and techniques. Don't delay we have a very limited supply!


Bee said...


Jean Knee said...

no way you had time to read that, was it too nauseating?

Bee said...

I'll take 7 please! Is there a whole sale discount? [fingers crossed] I can set it around my desk to keep the bats from getting too close.

Bee said...

jean knee, I am a speed reader (only while on speed)!
I can also put it on food I want to eat so that nobody will touch it.
Oh the possibilities!!

Brian o Vretanos said...

It that someone's idea of a sick joke?

You might like to look at this:


Which includes a review of "pet spew".

Jean Knee said...

I knew you'd want at least one for the bats.

Jean Knee said...

I like that link, to think all this time I could have been selling my cat's hairballs (well, before he got taken away by coyotes).

Polka Dot spews nearly every day but he licks it up so fast I've got no chance of drying it and selling

No Cool Story said...

Use Spew as a decorative doily...
oh noes! bwahahahaha!

Will there be a Spew Fest '08 shirt and commemorative mug?
Imagine the possibilities.

No Cool Story said... chance of drying it and selling

Jean Knee: I feel sick now.

Jean Knee said...

I had thought of a shirt but never thought about mugs at all. how many should I put you down for?

Jean Knee said...

You're welcome NCS it's a new way to purge your body of toxins--just read my blog

Spew Mug Lovers of France said...

Oui oui!
We approve!

No Cool Story said...

I'll take a dozen.

Will you autograph them too? pretty please?

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Hey, that looked like Carrot Spew!!! Carrots make spew all the more spew special.

Jean Knee said...

autographs are absolutely free

K- said...

Hmmmm, the possibilities are endless. I might need to buy a couple dozen.

Millie said...

I love Whoops. It's a good fit-anywhere word, as in:

"I just stepped in a big pile of Whoops"

or my brother's old favorite:

"Coach, I got the Whoops."

(except he always said "roids," like hemorrhoids, instead)

Melissa said...

I will close this post and never ever look at it again. No spew for me... thanks for offering :)

Jean Knee said...

good idea