Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Original Fudge-a-gator Revealed

The fudge-a-gator, out of it's box. Lovely on a piece of green tissue paper.

I showed him the knife, didn't even flinch.

Sliced and diced, still no reaction.

The original fudge-a-gator all dressed up in it's fanciest New Year's finery. Presented to Rim for a party dessert. She was very upset that I cut up the fudge-a-gator (quite famous in our neighborhood). After a while she selected the head, with it's piercing green eyes, lamented it's demise and popped it right in her mouth. Hmmmmm

So now I am 93% sure the fudge-a-gator was a confection.


Bee said...

Looks like poop to me! They might have just flavored like chocolate.

Bee said...

I'm back I had to make my brunch.

by the way , it's supposed to be "flavored it like"

Jean Knee said...

It came in a plastic mold like thing so I can make my own fudge-a-gator and puy anything I want in them....Shall I put you down for two?

Bee said...

Two sounds good. Yup! that should do me.
My parade is over. :o(
Till next year.
jean knee, we have 6 inches of snow outside and they want me to go out and play!! I need some excuses other than "I'm gonna freeze my butt off!"

Jean Knee said...

You have a sick headache.
you have strep throat
you don't want to

we have no snow but it is cold here. It's Texas people, it should be 70 degrees is there a degree button on the key board

Jean Knee said...

I saw the parade and couldn'p noticing that al Roker and that girl had no charisma together.

at all

elasticwaistbandlady said...

R.I.P beloved fudge-o-gator gone to a better place.

Hey I wonder if technically digesting and excreting him will be like flushing baby gators down the toilet? Will fudge-o-gator grow to gigantic proportions in the sewer and terrorize people?

Brian o Vretanos said...

With the mould, you should use chocolate and make a Choc-o-dile.

What were the green bits?

the frogster said...

Of course the Fudge-a-Gator is a real gator. its whole lack of defense was because gators are cold-blooded. If you'd have let it warm up in the Texas sun for a spell, I'm sure it would have had your arm off as soon as you got within 5 feet. DO NOT bring Fudge-a-Gators to your 4th of July parties! I hope they come with a warning label.

Jean Knee said...

No need to worry abou baby fudges taking over the sewers--we don't have sewers in ruralish Texas---we have septic tanks, mmmm mmmm good

so really only Rim has to watch her septic

Jean Knee said...

the green bits looked like acrylic paint, probably lead based from China

I never thought about the fudge-a-gator hibernating but someone did suggest recently that my comatose fish may be hybernating, although he does it in the summer too--nothing that is

Jean Knee said...

In case anyone's wondering:

alligators do have penis' but due to overuse of pesticides their size has been diminishing...........(penis size)

B said...

Where in Texas do you llve that it should be 70 degrees (don't think there's a degree button on the keyboard) in January? I went to Texas in January before and it was so cold I thought I'd freeze my butt off. The air was so cold it shot thru my ears (just air in between, no insulation!)when I walked outside and made me scream.
And if rim ate the Fudge-a-gator, how come you're only 93% sure it was a confection and not something else just chocolate flavored like bee said.
Inquiring minds want to know!
Happy New Year, Jean Knee

Brian o Vretanos said...

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Brian o Vretanos said...
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Brian o Vretanos said...

I missed a slash out. Third time lucky:

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No Cool Story said...

Is chocolate the only flavor they have? What about colors? Do these gator come in green?
What did it taste like? Which part did you eat first? How was it? Would you do it again?

Jean Knee said...

b-I live in central Texas, last week it was in the mid seventies. Feb is our cold month.

(I live near Crawford where W's ranch is)

Well with Rim you can never be absolutely sure--we are rather alike in that way

Jean Knee said...

thank you Brian, inquiring minds wanted to know

Jean Knee said...

I ate the tail, it didn't have much flavor-kinda like those pralines in Mexican restaurants

Bee said...

jean knee, I watch it of HGTV because I'm a plant/flower nut so I like them to tell me what kind of flowers, plants, flavors were used.

wynne said...

Mmm. I'd eat anything that was made out of fudge, even if it did bite back.

Melissa said...

93% sure... yeah, I'd eat it!! :)

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