Saturday, August 18, 2007

Vacation Pics

Just a few pics from last week- remember, I was gone? What- you didn't noticce? Bite me.

Funnest Thing For Me? The Melting Pot II. We sit down. I request the cheese fondue with the saki. Waiter: Oh you mean the feng shui, that ended yesterday.
Me: Can't ya just make it anyway?
No, we don't have any more saki- that's what gave it its flavor.

This all seems pretty suspicious; isn't feng shui some kind of oriental furniture placement? What's that got to do with fondue? Ended yesterday....right. Okay,I can be flexible; we order the Mediterranean fondue. Yeah its great, we dippity do and inhale as quickly as possible. Fondue, baby, fondue!!!

The pic shows me eating steamy skewered meat. I look all zen like & meditative--oh now I get the whole feng shui fondue- steamy-nirvana connection. Ahhhhh and as a special bonus you get a steamy facial absolutely free. Ahhh--Ohhhmmm

< No tsunami pics- drat! yeah I saw you try to check to see if I had anything in my bosom.

Another food pic?? Yep it's me at another restaurant. I had the frog legs.

We met some duck friends while we were away. They loved us....

In fact, I had them eating out of my hand.....
Lean's favorite thing was painting her own toe nails. Santiago Sangria.. so vacationey



Melissa said...

They are getting a Melting Pot in a town that we drive through about once a month! I AM SO EXCITED! Oh, and you are the best mom ever. You let her paint her toes and didn't do anything to stop her... better than I am!!! I would have been saying something like... "Here... let me help you..."

Bee said...

Did they taste like chicken?
I've heard they really do so I want to know why somebody would eat little froggies if they can just a boob (chicken of course)!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Frog legs! Frog legs! Frog legs are fine! Hopper's is the place you should dine! There's cheese legs, chili legs, bacon legs too! French fried frog legs, barbecued! If you want a little snack, then here is the one: A frog leg burger on a bright... green... bun!!!

(name the movie)

You and your daughter are pretty. Did she do your toes too?

P.S. Last trip I took, I found something that reminded me of you. I'll let you know when I post it.

Jean Knee said...

Melissa- I'm still searching for a cheap fondue fix. the melting pot is pricey (hub's company paid our tab) but I shall find something- soon. velveeta comes to mind. hhmmmm

bee- huh?

Millie- is it how to eat fried worms? my toes were already painted (close one)
those pics were carefully altered to assure our annonymity; Lean had hair all over, I had steam.

Tori :) said...

Jean Knee- you are awesome! I am adding you to my bloglines list right this minute. I meant to a long time ago and well, I just suck. I'm sorry.
I love the frog legs. They're awesome. And I think Millie may have been quoting The Muppets... maybe.

Radioactive Jam said...

I guess mostly because I hadn't scrolled far enough, when I read "The pic shows me eating steamy skewered meat" the only picture I could see was 'squishy head man.' This led to some confusion to say the least, but I'm better now.

After a short scroll.

...I want a frog legs chair.

Lisa said...

We just got a Melting Pot and went for our anniversary. YUM! It was so good and we had the Feng Shui! Along with a lot of other food. I have done my own fondue party, too. Love it!!

Cute kid toe painting!

Jean Knee said...

tori-drat, I never guess name that tune right.

raj- glad you scrolled down, I would never eat squishy head man

Lisa- what???? I can't believe you got the feng shui!!!! It was better than the mediteranean. must have your fondue recipe- like now. It sounded so funny when I posted about it-like I made up the name (feng shui fondue? right)
in fact most of my posts sound that way; made up I mean

Bee said...

You said you had the frog legs or was it that you had frog legs?

Not sure anymore, sorry my brain has been sitting beside me in a glass of vinegar for the past week.

Lisa said...

We had the full on feast and they all were heavenly. Could be that there was some sort of alcohol in all of it. ;)

I will find the fondue recipes and post them. One is a chocolate and one is a swiss cheese, but nothing was as good as what we ate there. Also, when you buy fondue pots they will give you some recipes. What I want next is an electric one to do the main dish. Our friends had one that is fun with a small group.

Yeah, it does sound totally made up. Feng Shui doesn't scream food or cheese to me-I think of rearranging my living room furniture!

Jean Knee said...

bee- okay I got the frog leg part, however, what does "why somebody would eat little froggies if they can just a boob"
FYI My mom has fried many a frog leg in her time. I love how they jump around in the pan almost like they are trying to get away....
they taste rubberier than chicken.

Jean Knee said...

Lisa- do you think I could cook it over the stove and then put it in a crock pot. I aint buyin no fondue wizard

Kimberly said...

I ate crocodile on my honeymoon to impress my husband.

Yes, I'm that sick.

mcewen said...

Great catch up! Loved the froggy chair, we could do with one of those.

No Cool Story said...

I second that, I want a frog legs chair.
Duck love you. What about roosters?

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I liked seeing your stool. But my stool sample is still better than your stool sample!

Who knew we'd be such fierce stoolie competitors?

Carrot Jello said...

I didn't see any polka dots on your hair when you went out to dinner. I feel kind of let down.

Christy said...

Looks like quite a vacation! Melting Pot is one of my favorite places to go. And those stools..hilarious!