Tuesday, August 7, 2007


this is my swap package from Nikki http://whimsy-girl.blogspot.com look at all that awesome stuff!! all for meeee. Thank You nikki I love everything!! How do you like the cupcake all framed up? no you can't have it back. I'm savin the pin wheel picks for a special cupcake occasion. Nikki even put my middle name, glue drip, right on the adress label. Nikki don't look at the bottom of this post til you get your package. Look awayyy nowww

That's right this post is so sugary sweet you'll be diabetic by the end. Got my cupcake package in the mail from my partner Nikki. Well of course we had to make cupcakes ASAP. These were stirred by us, no robots were used.

This is a pic of choco-vanilla cupcakes with kitschy little flower toppers sent by Nikki
These are assorted little bite size cupcakes all decorated by Lean
this one is my favorite- yes I ate it already
this was Lean's favorite- yep she ate it

I LOVE CUPCAKES - here's some more stuff to raise your sugar level



buddhist poem #227 (cupcake incident) by: W.B. Keckler

oh i tried to coexist

but when I ate half of a chocolate cupcake

with Elmo on top of it

before realizing it had hundreds of ants

inside who had been trying to turn it into a Frank Gehry structure of some sort

(o tiny they had infiltrated the sealed plastic

ix pack container & remained invisible) I lost all sense of mindfulness

exiled the cat to Elba and sprayed

poison all over every surface

and thought of the hieronymus bosch ant hell

in my stomach and got mad

at the Buddha for thinking the predator

prey thing is controllable but later

felt bad for realizing i abused power

they were not the predator i was

i could have just thrown the cupcakes outside (i did) without mass murder and sealed things better

but you laughed at me for this quixotic shit

and theresa said with self-abuse that good

you should just ask this buddha guy

to be your boyfriend

sponsored by Megachemcorp, maker's of fine pork insulin

swap stuff from me to Nikki http://whimsy-girl.blogspot.com swap stuff wrapped up


Bee said...

so how do I get into this whole mailing cupcake pyramid scheme? I mean, I of course lack the ability to bake... but am a great eater!

Melissa said...

Yum... I'm coming for a visit... but only if you have leftover cupcakes ;)

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm trying out some unconventional baking techniques.....

Like BRA CUPcakes, but the underwire keeps singe-ing the bottoms. And JOCK CUPcakes. I have a nice Gold Bond powder to sprinkle on the top of those.

B said...

Wow, what a haul! For both you and Nikki! Uh, hey, Jeannie, thought you didn't know how to make a tussie mussie? But yet I see two of them right there in the pic of the stuff you sent to Nikki. See, you can do it after all.
O, and save some of those cupcakes you made for me...I'll be right over! Ha, I wish.
:) Brenda
P.S. all the foliage and flowers you asked about from my shower pics - it's mostly all artificial. I had my garden all planted and looking really great 2 months ago, then hubby decided to do work on the outside of the house, and he totally destroyed my garden. Hence, the silk-look.

Jean Knee said...

bee- just send me $100 and I will add you to the list and in 12 years you will recieve double that value in cupcake stuff

melissa-what cupcakes? I don't see any cupcakes

ewbl- mmm, I bet they'll taste good with Ben & jerry's mass of ass ice cream

b- the white one is made from a sno cone cup I begged my kid's teacher for, the other one I made from an icycle template I found on line- they are flimsy don't attempt

SoDak Angel said...

You are too stinking crafty for me. If I was in TX I would be over in a milla-second to have me some cup cakey goodness!

Anonymous said...

The poem was hysterical.

Gold Bond medicated powder - it's one of those things that I don't need to know people use.

Jean Knee said...

sodak-there aren't any left but because you are so special I will share my family recipe with you.Use only the doughboy mix . Popin fresh will never steer you wrong

Cry baby- I bet you are the only one who read that poem. (being long and all- the whole post I mean) I hope I didn't print it illegally but it was too amusing to keep to myself

Lisa said...

They all look yummy- I don't think I have ever made anything nearly so fancy.

Melissa said...

You are one crafty girl... and I mean "crafty" in every way possible!
Thanks for the great card :D

B said...

Lookin' for your weekly episode of "Wordless Wednesday". Not this week?
:D Brenda

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I read the poem, too! Don't give all the love and glory to Mrs. Crybaby, cause she don't deserve it!

I memorized it to recite at my next Poetry Metting.

We don't like Poopsicles at the Infidel House. We're CRAPsicle kind of people. You understand.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

So, Tori got her very special package from me all the way to the wilds of suburban Utah.....but what about my nearest and dearest stalker only 2.5 hours away from me?

Jean Knee said...

Dear infidel,
I recieved a crappy package in the mail yesterday. Thanks for the crap.
I'm starting to really like that indian. She's so 'litterate' and all. hee hee

nikki/WhiMSy love said...

YAY!!! I got my package! And I didn't even peek at your blog. I'm awesome. No, YOU'RE awesome!! I love everything! It's all so adorable & I LOVE IT!!! And how sweet to include something for my girls. I'm so stealing your cupcake wrap idea. Thank you!--From the bottom of my cupcake heart!