Sunday, August 5, 2007

Non-Magnanimous Malapropisms

Now say that ten times fast

Fun stuff to say when you feel like driving fellow humans crazy. Maybe
1. At work: tell everyone you heard (insert co worker's name here) masticating in the rest room.
2. tell a teenage boy he's a homo sapiens
3. Tell Bill Clinton Hillary said he's omnipotent in bed
4. tell your dentist you thought floss was the thong type underwear your hubby favors
5. tell a thirteen year old drama queen she's a real thespian

Now tell me one:


Bee said...

Your word is law so I must do all of those things! I will report on it later!

B said...

Tell someone you are AQUADEXTROUS: you possess the ability to turn the bathtub tap on and off with your toes.
:) Brenda

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

Oh, the pressure!

Tell a sports fan you never understood why the Utah Jazz and the New Orleans Saints changed towns (and sports)

No Cool Story said...

TMM HAHAHAHAHA!! That was good.

Can't think of anything good, just wanted to type HAHAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

My Crap Happy Son likes to dress in stained shirts and keep his pants at crack level.

He's a HOBO-Sapien.

Anonymous said...

I think Jerry Ryan has been stalking me and leaving cryptic untitled e-mails for me. I think she wants me to assimilate, jean knee.....

Jean Knee said...

bee- my step father did the homo sapiens thing to my nephew once, not nice, that's what gave me the idea for em

b-yet another talent I now know you have

Millie-off the topic (I just learned blog etiquette and you are not supposed to use non-sequiters, ((guess who just browsed Websters)).But I am gonna break that rule, I'm bad like that.
I didn't think royalty were allowed to have boogers. Don't they have a hired guy to do that?


crap- that jerry ryan looks suspect to me. whatever you do don't anwer those emails- it will only encourage her. you don't want to end up with that growth on your eye

Melissa said...

Tell a kid at the park to look out for the pismires.

B said...

Jean Knee
Sorry you thought I hadn't been reading your blog. I read it every day. Just haven't been leaving comments to anybody lately 'cause I was really busy with the shower preps, plus still trying to cope with loss of Baby. And, no, I'm not offended by your posts. I love your sense of humor.
:) Brenda

Radioactive Jam said...

The masticating one is nice to describe what a "target" family does. Together. At the dinner table.

Kimberly said...

My favourite is threatening to defenestrate people (i.e. throw them out a window).

Tori :) said...

Tell an person you're not illiterate. You know who your parents are.

Jean Knee said...

melissa- something tells me you've done that one before....

b-glad your so-so is getting better

RAJ- that gives me something to chew on...hmm

kimberly- did you think I wouldn't know what that word meant? (I didn't)

Tori- hhee hee hee he he
good one