Saturday, December 27, 2008

Be Back Soon

Just some stuff:

1. Ted still hasn't answered my email which means we're good

2.I still haven't written Evelyn

3. I found better pictures of Mr.Edless' gory neck stump

4. Lean and I got burned, in the literal sense- we are wounded, at a party

5. MIL and nephew coming tomorrow (MIL still in Chicago so she may be snowed in )


No Cool Story said...

In yo face Brain!
HA. Beat that.

No Cool Story said...

Ok, I read it:
1- So you and Ted are like BFFs now.
2- Hmmm.
3- Yeah, gory stumps!
4- WHAT?!?! Why is this #4? This hsould have been #1. I hope you're both ok :(
5- YAY! Visitors!

No Cool Story said...

I will miss you Jean Knee.

Jean Knee said...

I'm not going anywhere I just don't have a new and exciting, perhaps even life changing, post yet.

I wanted to drive by Ted's house and my hub forbade me to do it because it would be considered stalking but now that we are BFFs I'm sure he's expecting me to do it.

Jean Knee said...

I let my mom read a couple of my blog posts and she wasn't even impressed plus she told me a fact was wrong.

Jean Knee said...

But.... my new SIL laughed out loud

it's a fact

No Cool Story said...

"I just don't have a new and exciting, perhaps even life changing, post yet."

But Jean Knee, everything you write is, in fact, new, exciting and life changing.

No Cool Story said...

My mom read my blog once. She was not impressed either. In fact, she thinks SHG looks demonic.

Ah, moms.

No Cool Story said...

You have a new SIL?
I love SIL! Mine is awesome.

Hey, if yours laughed that makes her awesome too.

No Cool Story said...

I will still miss you Jean Knee.

No Cool Story said...

Ok, I am 11.

I am off now.

Jean Knee said...

awwww, I wish that were true

Do you think I'm being too obsessive about Ted?

I'm about too be obsessed with Mr. Edless soon. I click on him every day now

No Cool Story said...

He's stumpily delishious. If I knew how to knit I'd make you one Jean Knee.

And about Ted: He's the one who got in your bubble first. If anyone is obsessing it is him.

Jean Knee said...

you are so right NCS

No Cool Story said...

I am?
Am I?

yay. I always wanted to be right.

Jean Knee said...

right as rain

No Cool Story said...

Like the rain in Spain.

Melissa said...

You got burned? :S I hope you guys are okay!
Have a good time with your company this weekend!

Brian o vretanos said...

I hope you and Lean are okay. Did you not manage to get any postable photos of the towering inferno, though?

Jean Knee said...

just minor flesh wounds, you know how I like to be all dramatic.

Bee said...

I'm late for the party. :o(

Chicago is all good now. We are only flooded again but at least it's not raining anymore.

No Cool Story said...

I misses you already Jean Kneees!

Jean Knee said...

ah jeez, I gotta clean my house