Friday, July 25, 2008

SHG Signal

Help me Super happy Girl, you're my only hope. Bee's internet is out and she may be forced to spend an entire evening alone with her Andy. Get Father Al on it asap.
drat, you're in a different time zone.


No Cool Story said...


No Cool Story said...

I say we all say out loud "I believe in Father Al's Teh Internets" say that three times and ring a cowbell.

What? You guys don't have a little cowbell for Internet emregencies? Oh, poor you.

No Cool Story said...

I have been up since 7:58 AM Jean Knee!!

Brian o vretanos said...

I'm devastated. Bee's internet connection is out and I still don't get to be first!


Jean Knee said...

I have a big, huge polka dotted cow bell that I am ringing right now.

Bee said...

Ha ha! You guys crack me up! I'm taking a break from my Friday madness to laugh. :o)

The internet bushwhackers told me they'll come by on... SATURDAY!

I have Scarlett but who does Andy have?
Just me. ::shakes head sadly::

Dan said...

I forgot that Al Gore invented the internet. He's to blame for all the wasted hours of bloggong.

Bee said...

It worked! I woke up to find we had cable and internet! Thank you SHG, jean knee and NCS!

Lil Derrick said...

My daddy says that if someting dont work you aoght to shoot it.
just like in grand teft auto.