Friday, May 29, 2009

The Shaft: Giving and Receiving

I have that sweet, unassuming look that yells " Screw me please, and then when you're done have your sister screw me over too!" Mostly I don't care, I have a big problem with apathy, it goes right along with my sloth- not sure if one causes the other..I don't give a flying fig.

We have a fund raiser for our softball team. Each team has a theme and fills a basket with related items for a silent auction. wow Our theme is music and really who wants a new book of sheet music featuring tunes from Richard Simmons' sweating to the oldies? So it was decided we would collect money and buy an ipod and a $30.00 itunes card. Seemed great, we bought it and only three people gave any money $10.00, 15.00 and 20.oo. so yeah we got the shaft. Three other people gave dollar store doodads to add to the basket. yay

Here's some more whining. I have a customer who wanted me to make up a custom order for her. I did. Now she won't pay for it. boo I can't resell it because it is custom for her.

Why can't people just do what they say they are going to do? Huh? Is it really that much of a problem? I really don't know.

Which leads me to the giving part;I'm a giver. You know Dan right? Well he won a fabulous cock sucker prize from me a very long time ago and I have never sent it. I gave Dan the shaft. But do you know what he did about it? Just blew it off. He didn't stop reading my blog, he didn't send threatening emails, he didn't send me nude photos of himself on vacation at Sea World (drat!).

I'm trying to pattern myself after you, Dan. Keeping my apathy at it's highest peak. And you just keep checking your mailbox because I'm sure your prize is coming soon.


ReformingGeek said...

I bet if you truly send Dan his prize, your luck will turn around.


Brian o vretanos said...

Maybe softball fans don't like Ipods.

You could always use the unwanted craft thing as the fundraising prize next time.

Tracy Rambles On And On said...

Maybe that was Dan's way of scaring you in to sending him his cocksucker (which by the way he did say to send it to me and I haven't recieved it either...not that I'm bitter).
I put a little something for you in the end of my recent post.

Tracy Rambles On And On said...

Oh, and I completely misread that first line. The "I have a look on my face that says Screw Me Please" made me think that you had the look that made everyone think you were an easy horndog.
I guess my mind always wonders the wrong direction.

You should have made that lady pay first and then make her order.
You want me to beat her up for you? I have a lot of newfound aggression that I need to take out on someone. I'll do it for free.

Stacey said...

Sometimes people just suck. Really,they do.

Millie said...

How much is your custom thing?

Boo to people who give others the shaft (that would also be me, at least once in the past).

Brian o vretanos said...


Nancy Face said...

Happy Birthday! :D

Bee said...


Sorry it took me so long to come over but I was being held hostage.

I had a beer in your name and it was yummy!

Bee said...

Also, I hate the woman who screwed you over and I hate your neighbors. Tell them I'm sending over a ninja hamster to karate chop their asses!

Carrot Jello said...

Happy Birthday!

Chris Wood said...

I think Brian has a good idea. You can't sell it, you're stuck with the cost ... may as well look generous!

Lisa said...

Hopefully you will have a shaftless birthday!

Really! Happy Birthday!

Rhonda said...

Dan didn't care because he promised that sucker to me ... in payment of a bet he lost in DECEMBER and never paid on. Don't model yourself after Dan!

Jean Knee said...

you're right, Rhonda.

you suck too DAN

Dan said...

Happy B day!
And I don't suck! Wanting to be like me is a good thing. I did promise Ronda and Tracy my cock..suckers so send them to them.

Elastic Sold Her Soul To FTD said...

I told a co-worker I'd pitch in for the cost of the flowers we sent to our boss's funeral. He tried to gig me 50 bucks for a crummy little bouquet that looked like it came from the Dollar Store. I gave him 10. He never spoke to me again.

LOL cat unlimited! said...

Sorry I missed your Birthday Jean Knee. XOXOXOXO!

I hope that lady who didn't pay for her order gets a rotten cock sucker.

Anonymous said...


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