Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So Anyway..

The stinkin YMCA did absolutely nothing about my party dissatisfaction. BIG NADA.
They will help the party planning slacker girls to know what is expected of them . Too bad for me my party was already ruined, cuz I bet the next party given there will be one to remember.

I've decided not to post until I can quit raging uncontrollably at nearly everything.

It may be a while.

check out GARY over there....that's what I want to focus on

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's me..

I'm the bitch. Good to know.

I probably scared you into thinking there was a bloody stump finger in Lean's cake. But there wasn't. I have really been flying off the handle lately. I just think people should do their jobs and act right. Is that really too much to expect? I hope it's just mid life crisis and my usual apathy will soon return.I'm just gonna give you the party highlights.

1.I paid a butt load of money to have the YMCA arrange my Lean's birthday party. We had one there two years ago and it was great. They did everything for you and even provided two party planners to run things.

2. We arrive, no party planners so we have to start things ourselves.
3. No decorations or cake. They put a plastic table cloth on the table and called it decorated.
4. About an hour into the party the planners show up and say they are going to get the pizza. They both pile in a car and drive away.
5. I gather up the kids and take them in for pizza , it is on the counter. The planners are supposed to pass it out. They never came back so my man passed it out. We ran out of plates, forks and cups. The plates did not match and looked used.
6.Finally Drew had them paged to get the cake. They bring it in and help Lean put on candles. We ask for a few minutes for the other kids to finish eating. They leave and never return. So I cut the cake and Drew passes it out.
7. We open presents (they were supposed to run this and write down who gave what gift. They never returned so we did it all. Then the little fools tell my man (out in the hall, they never came in the room) that after WE clean up they will come get the table clothes. HE exploded. He came and told me and then I got all over their asses. I tried to get a manager to get all over his or her ass but, surprise, no one was there.

Also during the times they were gone (the whole time except a little less than five minutes) the party guests started running around like animals cuz there was no direction AND their parents just let them do it. It was waaaaaaayyyyy worse than any day I ever had teaching kindergarten, and these are third graders. I may have gotten all over some of the parent's asses but so effing what. What kind of people let their kids run around and ruin a party like that?

And for some reason I am the one who over reacted and was wrong. I really just do not get it at all.

thanks for listening to this litany

and yes, I am the bitch

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Oh the horror!!! The ABSOLUTE HORROR. I just got back from my daughter's birthday party, it was every bit as bad as the glove in food incident.

And there was no manager to yell at so I have to wait until tomorrow. I really need a valium drip. Pray for me people.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another Foreign Object Story

When I was a wee girl and my mom told me to chew each bite 20 times, I took it to heart. Now I chew at least 100 plus times until my food is an absolute puree before I will let it slide down my throat.

I was at the computer the other day eating some left overs from a favorite restaurant. As I began to puree a group of sauteed onions I felt something funny. Something that could not be pureed, plus it sort of squeaked. I grabbed it out of my mouth. It looked like an onion but upon further inspection it unrolled into my hand. A huge circular piece of latex. Ewww doesn't even begin to cover it. Gaze at the accompanying pictures. The last one shows it stretching.

Okay something like that just doesn't appear in one's food. The tip of a glove might break off into a dish but not an exact circle cut out of the middle of a glove. And then the piece rolled and shoved in with the onions to disguise it. No that does not just happen. Of course I was furious so Drew drove me to the restaurant. It wasn't open yet but I banged on the door any way. No one answered. Then I noticed a beer truck was making a delivery so I followed the beer guy and asked him if the manager was there buh buh buh long story short I showed it to the manager. He seemed shocked and told me they were not in the business of sabotaging the food. I repeatedly told him no way a piece of glove could have shaped itself into a circle and rolled up into the onions- someone did it on purpose. See, what really pissed me off is I found it before I ate even half the entree and it was really tasty.
He offered me my money back, I refused. Then he offered me free meals etc. Again I refused. He looked at me as if to say what do you want me to do?? Well I wanted him to drag the kitchen staff out there and yell and them in front of me and possibly fire them all that's what the hell I wanted. Why would I want to nosh on another glove in the future? Idiot.