Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So Anyway..

The stinkin YMCA did absolutely nothing about my party dissatisfaction. BIG NADA.
They will help the party planning slacker girls to know what is expected of them . Too bad for me my party was already ruined, cuz I bet the next party given there will be one to remember.

I've decided not to post until I can quit raging uncontrollably at nearly everything.

It may be a while.

check out GARY over there....that's what I want to focus on


ReformingGeek said...

Well....if Gary had been at your party.....

GARY said...

Boo to you YMCA! You got no game!

Yes Jean Knee, forget your troubles and feast on these sweet pants I am wearing.


Cocotte said...

Just let them know that you've contacted the BBB about their birthday business practices.

Bee said...

I just want to unbuckle Gary's old school belt with my teethssss!

Carrot Jello said...

I was looking at Halloween stuff on Etsy, when I came across a spider named "Bill".
I thought to myself, "That looks like something JeanKnee would do."
So I looked over and there was your name :)

Brian o vretanos said...

How about some curvacious strippers?


And this is but one of the reasons we dropped our YMCA membership. Well that along with the gigantic hairballs floating in the pool.....and the people who wouldn't clean up their pools of butt sweat from the equipment....and the sauna benches littered with sloughed off skin from women armed with pumice stones.

The C in YMCA does NOT stand for cleanliness.