Saturday, September 4, 2010

Another Foreign Object Story

When I was a wee girl and my mom told me to chew each bite 20 times, I took it to heart. Now I chew at least 100 plus times until my food is an absolute puree before I will let it slide down my throat.

I was at the computer the other day eating some left overs from a favorite restaurant. As I began to puree a group of sauteed onions I felt something funny. Something that could not be pureed, plus it sort of squeaked. I grabbed it out of my mouth. It looked like an onion but upon further inspection it unrolled into my hand. A huge circular piece of latex. Ewww doesn't even begin to cover it. Gaze at the accompanying pictures. The last one shows it stretching.

Okay something like that just doesn't appear in one's food. The tip of a glove might break off into a dish but not an exact circle cut out of the middle of a glove. And then the piece rolled and shoved in with the onions to disguise it. No that does not just happen. Of course I was furious so Drew drove me to the restaurant. It wasn't open yet but I banged on the door any way. No one answered. Then I noticed a beer truck was making a delivery so I followed the beer guy and asked him if the manager was there buh buh buh long story short I showed it to the manager. He seemed shocked and told me they were not in the business of sabotaging the food. I repeatedly told him no way a piece of glove could have shaped itself into a circle and rolled up into the onions- someone did it on purpose. See, what really pissed me off is I found it before I ate even half the entree and it was really tasty.
He offered me my money back, I refused. Then he offered me free meals etc. Again I refused. He looked at me as if to say what do you want me to do?? Well I wanted him to drag the kitchen staff out there and yell and them in front of me and possibly fire them all that's what the hell I wanted. Why would I want to nosh on another glove in the future? Idiot.


Brian o vretanos said...

I'm struggling to find any kind of sensible explanation for this. And failing.

ReformingGeek said...

I've heard about employees doing crap like that. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???

Gee, you'd think the manager could have said he would look into it... Chances are that he knows he has a problem and he can't do anything about it.


Super Happy Girl said...

From the picture I thought it was a mini tortilla and I thought "What's wrong with jean Knee? Mini tortillas are cool"
My bad Jean Knee, my bad.

Super Happy Girl said...

Let's throw tomatoes at them!

Bee said...

Ewwwwwwwwwwww, jean knee! Ewwwwwwwwww! You're right there is no way anybody can make it up to you!

Cocotte said...

That is truly disgusting! I once found a big chunk of dish towel in a salad at Ground Round (about the size of your latex). They acted as though they did me a favor by comping my meal! WTF?? Notice they are out of business now!

FDA Food Sex Inspector said...

Obviously, your food was practicing safe sex by using latex.

You're just too narrow-minded to see it.