Monday, October 4, 2010

I Feel Like Having a Contest and I'll Probably Really Send the Prize This Time

My poor little Cupcake hasn't eaten in 6 days. I thought we could have a contest to see who can guess his exact last day alive. But then I thought that might be a little wrong so instead here's the alternate contest. WOO HOO!!

So you know how I make a gazillion skeletons and sometimes write a little story about them? On my etsy?. No? Whatever I like to give 'em a little history but I'm having writer's block so I want you to do it for me. For some kind of prize.

Here's a little example:

The Markham brothers are joined at the brow and share one eye. They've worked at the circus as the sinister clown for as long as they can remember. But, they are ready for something new. Won't you bring them into your home to live? They are very good with children. Especially naughty ones.

This fun skeleton is going to party 'til the sun comes up in his favorite color green. Ken is wearing his most festive hat with matching crepe paper collar. He carries a sign so everyone will know he's spooky. Last year Sandy laughed at him saying he looked lame, but not this time. Now he's spooky times 10. yeah!

And now here is the skeleton you get to name and describe. Make it good but not too long. Winner announced soon.

Go here if you need more views


ReformingGeek said...

Yea! What fun!

Whitey has an affinity for hats and a secret crush on Batman. He'll be the hit at your next ball (or EYEBALL) with his flashy neck garnishment and toothy grin.

Jean Knee said...


Bee said...

I love RG's!

I suck at this kinda stuff but I'll think about it and come back.

Brian o vretanos said...

The Count, as always immaculately decked out from the family crest hat to his flamboyant bow tie, will dazzle you with his witty stories and charm you with his carefully chosen compliments.

"You have such lovely bone structure, my dear".

Jean Knee said...

right on Brian, groovy

Bee- I listened to that abominable squirrel zipper thing for you--you can think of something for me

ReformingGeek said...

Yeah, Bee! Let's hear it. We know you're good.

BTW, Brian's is awesome!

I love your Etsy stuff.

Bee said...

Okay but I warned you I suck!

Here sits Zoraida. She's happy to never be known again as the Circus' Fat Lady.

Brian's is hilarious!

Jean Knee said...


I don't like to make fun of circus freaks :(

Bee said...

It's okay if I do it cuz I am one.

jean Knee said...

I mean it's like calling a retard a retard. So not cool :)

Bee said...

Well I'm 1/8 retarded on my father's side.

Cocotte said...

I keep looking at it and I can't come up with anything. Skulls tend to creep me out.

Super Happy Girl said...

Super fun skeletons!

"A cute skull is wearing a felt hat with a big bat embellishment"
"Auntie My Helen was a handsome, well dressed woman in life"

Oh man Jean Knee, you are so awesome :D

Ceerkus said...

Hey my dad was a circus retard!
Not cool yo.

Jean Knee said...

I know right? That's what I've been trying to tell Bee

Millie said...

I love your stuff :)

Dapoppins said...

the things you do with tissue paper just awe me.