Friday, October 1, 2010

Cupcake II is on His Death Bed

This time we won't need the freezer



ReformingGeek said...

Me want cupcake.

Jean Knee said...

well, it would be creepy but if you really want him I'll send him to ya

after he dies and all

Super Happy Girl said...

Too much partying in the sink?

Brian o vretanos said...

You need lots more cupcakes. That way you'll soon collect enough dead ones to make a decent pie.

Incidentally, what's he dying of?

Jean Knee said...

he's dying of old age , poor thing.
just like the last one. This one spent a lot less time in a coma so that's good.

Bee said...

:o( I'm down to 1 fish and the tank lights broke yesterday which he'll probably be gone soon too. Shall we flush them together?


It looks like.....somebody iced another Cupcake.......*puts on sunglasses* YEEEAAAAHHHHH.

Clearly, this is a plot line from another upcoming fish forensics crime show, right?


I don't mean to brag but we got us TWO siamese fighting fish. Yeah, TWO!

We're part of the fishy elite otherwise known as the Fishfluent.

One's red (Phoenix) the other's blue (Poseidon). I often quote Dr. Seuss to them. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

Phoenix liks to be petted while Poseidon is an anorexic. Who says fish don't have distinct personalities?