Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blitz, Blitz, a Ball Room Blitz

And so we were at dinner last night (I know I write about restaurant experiences a lot but honestly it's the only thing I do that remotely resembles having a life) when that song bar room blitz came on. It's a pretty cool song and Drew asks me if it's Ted Nugent singing it.
"No way, that's a pretty good song" (sorry Ted ).
" I'm pretty sure it's Ted Nugent"
Then Drew starts messing with his phone to see who sang it. He asked me, the compound word challenged , if bar room was one word or two. One word or two, I never know. He couldn't find it so he just typed in Ted Nugent.
" Here's something about Ted saying he's going to kill Hillary and Obama"
" Is he in jail? If there is someone I'd take at their word about killing me it'd be him" He was kicked off as a columnist on our local paper for his radical views after all
" I don't know, I don't know. Here it is. It's ball room blitz (one word or two?). A play on words or something something, ahhh I can't see it"
That was when I realized my BFF relationship with Ted was over for good. I didn't even care about his death threats or his song. I had to face it. I've felt empty all these months emailing Ted and having him not email me back because I wouldn't pay--so one sided you know. Guess we're breaking up Ted. If you have anything to say about this don't email me and I'll know how you feel.

I refuse to cry.


Millie said...

You have excited my curiosity (that happens a lot when I read your blog) and now I must google several things...

1) lyrics
2) death threats
3) you and Ted Nugent? I hope I can find some photographic evidence.

Jean Knee said...

Well crap Millie you got my curiosity up so I googled ballroom blitz and just like I thought, it isn't Ted Nugent! Ha, suck on that Drew.

the death threat thing seems to be true, they have a video of him telling Hillary and Obama to suck on his machine gun.

we absolutely were bffs for awhile, you just don't keep up with my blog enough

Jean Knee said...

and I just checked ballroom is one word

I ain't changin it

Brian o vretanos said...

Maybe now you should find some anti-ted-nugget club and try not joining that. You might get a better deal.

Jean Knee said...

I already didn't join that one.


ReformingGeek said...

Wow! I'm impressed and a bit scared at the same time.

Bee said...

Did you ever see that show where he was shooting at people? Dude is nuts so you're better off without him.

Jean Knee said...

I know I'm better off...

but...he was so polite even while I was dissin him

Anonymous said...

I had the same thing with a local reporter in Atlanta. I used his editorial as my primary source and emailed him with no response. I needed him thoughts on my paper to get a better grade. So, on my next paper, I used him again. Emailed again. No response. Then I sent him a rude email. And then I saw him on the train and I followed him a little. Now we are facebook friends.

Millie said...


Of all the people who could use a good shotgun suck, it's those two