Friday, September 4, 2009

You've Got to Fight For Your Right to Polka Dots

I haven't read the constitution since civics class in eleventh grade but I'm pretty sure it promised me life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Making my kid happy makes me happy. My kid wants polka dots: therefore Polka Dots = Happiness. Love the logic. So easy and so, well, logical.

Tomorrow is Lean's birthday party. She wanted a bowling party , check. Then last week she decides she wants pink and white polka dots as her party theme. It was last minute but I love me some polka dots and that little girl has my heart. To be sure everything is a go I went to the bowling alley and asked if I could bring my own plates and decorations with polka dots. The party coordinator said yes I could but I would be charged the same amount as if I were using their decorations. Kind of a rip off but it's polka dots, ya know? So I agreed. She was helpful and nice and helped me plan out the type of party I wanted. She told me to bring my decorations the day before so she would have them. Got It.

Don't got it. I called today and told the asst. manager, (let's just drop the t, shall we? it'll be more accurate) I had my party supplies could I drop them off? " Absolutely not, you can not bring in any outside items except for the cake", said the ass manager? WHAT?

JK:I was told that I could bring my own decorations because my daughter wanted Polka Dots.

ass manager: we provide everything, you can't bring your own things

JK: I have already purchased all the items and they can not be returned, I am using them at the party.

ass: Who told you you could bring them?

JK: the girl who set my party up

ass: she is the party coordinator she can't make that decision

JK: Can I speak to the manager please?

ass: the manager is not here, I am the ass manager and I am telling you NO YOU CAN"T DO THAT ( some other garbled stuff I don't remember because my blood was boiling making me lose partial hearing)

Now you all know that when confronted by adversaries I usually stand with my mouth agape unable to speak from shock. Not today. We are talking about Polka Dots.

JK: NO LISTEN TO ME ........ other loud stuff I don't remember because of my hearing loss due to rage. We went back and forth for a while. She finally told me I could call the manager tomorrow at 9:30.

So I call Drew on the phone and ask him to go put ass in her place--he can stay more focused and calm than I can. He tried, he failed. My gawwd what a woman. Ass called the party coordinator at home because she didn't believe us. Still she would not see reason.

Soooooo. The manager is calling us at 5:00 to try to resolve the matter. In the meantime I have the number of the corporate office on speed dial. If worse comes to worst we will move the party and Drew volunteered to stand in the parking lot with a sign saying the party has moved.

to be continued,............


Brian o vretanos said...

Idiots. You'd be saving them money, too.

I hope that it all goes okay.

ReformingGeek said...

Oh My GAWD! That is so crazy. Good Luck.

Bee said...

Yay jean knee! You stood your ground awesomely! It's not like you're hosting a freakin bachelorette party!

Some people think they have too much power!

Klin said...

Post ass manager's contact info and we will all call and put him in his place. I will actually do this by asking him a myriad of questions and then give him a mental health diagnosis with which I will make him feel like crap.

Ok, it sounded much better in my head. maybe tomorrow morn, after some sleep I can make it sound better again. ;)

Stacey said...

You go girl!

All this over putting up your own decorations? Seriously? What a freaking idiot!

Ass manager indeed.

Melissa said...

This is something that I have never understood... why would they care? If you're paying the same fees... what's the big deal??!??