Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bless Me, Father

There is an awesome candy store called It's Sugar. WoW
It is full of every candy you could ever imagine. mmmmm
I walked around that store in pure heaven. Looking, looking, not wanting to buy just any old thing. Then I spied them. Satellite Wafers. I see them in magazines all the time but I've never seen any in a store. I grabbed them quick.

They always look so cute and adorable, just like mini flying saucers. Perfect for a space party, would look cute on cupcakes, put them in a candy bar...on and on. And now, they were mine. I eagerly read all the important package information...made in Belgium; two wafers filled with colored ball candy ; cute little sunshine on the package. Ahhhhh, Satellite Wafers.

I opened the package and took a look. Well. Interesting, they looked just like communion wafers. I shook it and could hear the little balls rolling around inside. Still looks just like a communion wafer. Wonder if it tastes like a communion wafer? Hmmm I never can handle those things well. I know you're not supposed to chew them because who would chew Jesus? Usually the communion wafer sticks to the roof of my mouth because I don't dare chew it. Then it stays up in there for rest of the service.

I decided to just go for it and popped it into my mouth where it instantly stuck to the roof of my mouth. Ohhh but it was okay because since this wasn't a communion wafer I could chew it. I kinda chewed around on it and then the balls rushed out. I ate another and I swear I felt free of sin almost instantly. Who Knew?


Brian o vretanos said...

We used to have those when I was a child, except that they were usually pink and filled with sherbert. I'm not sure what they were called. I'll have a look next time I go shopping.

Jean Knee said...

Brian, check your email

Bee said...

YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO CHEW JESUS?? Oh man! I'm in trouble now! Hide me please!

Can I check my email too?

Jean Knee said...

you can check it but you won't have any from me except maybe a cute kitty picture or a chain letter

Bee said...

I did get spam. It was from someone asking if I'd like to increase the size of my member.

Now I'm sad.

Jean Knee said...

don't be sad Bee, you don't even have a member


Bee said...

Well, jean knee, it was a hard decision for my parents but no, I don't have a member... now.

ReformingGeek said...

Hum...without the talk about members I'm getting confused. Do you have to be a member to chew Jesus?

Oh, wait. Candy. That's right. Candy. Yum.

Dan said...

People that are named Jesus are called "Chewy" like William is Bill.

Funny huh? "Chewy" maybe we are supposed to chew?