Friday, May 30, 2008

Hot Sox with Strangers

I exchanged hot sox action with not just one but two strangers. And, it was good.
I've never done anything like this before, but, oh baby I'll do it again.

Elastic fixed it all up for us. I never saw it coming, the most awesome sox I've ever had. Can I get a cigarette here? ahhhhh

Lori sent me the absolute kewwwlest socks with my Mr.Cocka-Doodle-Doo's picture right on them. How did she get him to stay still long enough to paint his portrait? I have no idea.

My cock sox rock, ya'll!

And as if that weren't enough she sent me a four pack . My favorite here are the ones that say Bite Me. Love 'em all Lori, Thank you!!!

The croc head's jealous but whatcha gonna do?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Girls Gone Wild Party

click here to see some girls going wild actual pictures

Monday, May 26, 2008

Time's been flying by recently. Lean's had many functions to keep us busy. She had her dance recital, graduation, wet n wild day, and an impromptu memorial day tea party picnic with her friends. Whew, now all that's left is her baseball closing ceremony dinner.

Graduation cupcakes:

Find directions


In other news my shop has been picking up some business, I think it's due to my new cards.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Am I Expecting Too Much From Life?

Two weekends ago I was destined for fun, baby. I was appointed (begged to do it) Election Clerk in my Podunk Town's school board election. To liven things up I decided to wear my hub's collection of political buttons to inspire witty political repartee between myself and the voters. First I wore Hillary (whilst Obama, McCain, and even Rudy stayed in my purse for later). No one seemed to notice. Finally a voter came through whose voter's registration was stamped Republican. Now was my chance. So I said, "I see you're a republican." He said, "I see you're a democrat."

So much for political bantering (for the record, I am not telling who I am voting for or my political affiliation.....GO KINKY!!!!, sorry I slipped). I quickly whipped out my McCain button. One of the other election officials asked what I was doing, I explained and was told no political buttons. Another official said I could wear them if they were not buttons with the school board candidates. And yet a third started furiously flipping through the Official Handbook.
The fun squisher leaves, returns and says she has just spoken to THE MAN and no political Buttons. Whuuhhhh??? I quickly pull out my other buttons and wear them all before another voter comes in (cuz I'm a rebel!!). Bummer.
* before I get sued or something The Fun Squisher was the head over the elections so was just doing her job.
I'm sure you know Narnia Prince Caspian is out, right? We read The lion, witch and the Wardrobe and then rented the movie,again and again and again. The movie was Teh Awesome. We rushed to read Prince Caspian before the movie came out. It's like this book was written by a different author, indecipherable for a child but still. So we planned to take Lean out of school, wait in line fighting the crowds to buy a ticket to the opening day! Yes. Of course I was nervous about what to say when I took her out of school, I can't lie to the warden, what to do? No one even asked, when I got to the reason question I freaked out and clicked on 'school activity'. HUHHHH???? Why didn't I just check 'other'? I don't know.
I had been rehearsing in my head all week how I'd elbow people out of the way to purchase the three last tickets on the planet, then how I would terrify the popcorn chompers into not chomping, and how I would, violently if the need arose, SSHH the talkers. All is under control.

There were only a small handful at the movie, all well behaved. sigh.

Am I looking for excitement in all the wrong places?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Message Board

This post is a message board. Please leave a message.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Moments ago I saw them live from Rockerfeller Center, The New Kids on the Block. Try to contain your excitement. I guess I'll give them a critique, why not hey?

They did look very handsome and wore nice looking suits in various stages of disarray. And, to their credit, it was raining on them and they didn't seem bothered.

The NKOB did the same type dancing they did before, only they aren't quite as loose limbed as they used to be. They placed some scantily clad girlie dancers behind them so it seemed less noticeable. Oh, and, they couldn't sing. really

Some of my dear readers (all four of you) may have noticed Mr. Cocka-Doodle-Doo around throwing out some comments here and there. Don't be fooled by his slick way with words, he is a fake, a fraud, an impostor, a poseur, so not the real deal. We do not , at this time, think he is a serial threat to any of us. Just be aware.

Also, just this a.m. I discovered another fraudulent commenter claiming to be my fish, Cupcake, back from the dead. I know this to be absolutely false because the real, though dead, Cupcake is still in the freezer. Funeral arrangements are pending. Just be aware.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Go Lean!

Recently I've been concerned about the quality of food we've been eating. If it lacks vitamins and has grease and sugar we're there, baby! But, I have been concerned. My supply of Cadbury mini eggs has long been exhausted so now seemed like the perfect time to perk up our diet.

I hadn't given it that much thought when I saw it there on the grocer's shelf. Kashi Go Lean, crunch. It had my daughter's name right there on the label. It must be a sign. I grabbed it read the nutrition information and angels sang. 500 mg omega three, 15 g of whole grains. 32% of the RDA of fiber, plus vitamins and protein.

I brought it home and commenced to noshing. It was pretty good. I did feel like a horse crunching that oats & honey mix they eat, but still it was okay. So I ate it for breakfast, then lunch. The next day the same routine, breakfast then lunch. Crunch crunch crunch. Then it hit me. A health food epiphany? No, the fiber. It hit me. Kashi Go Lean made me go lean All...Day...Long.

It's good stuff, just start out small. GO Lean!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Look What I Got For Mother's Day

....................................(happy Mother's Day
........................................ . you croc)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008