Monday, February 8, 2010

Which is Worse?

Drew dropped me off at the door and said he'd drive around the parking lot and pick me back up. He's a gentleman like that, plus it was raining.
So I went inside and made my purchase. I exited the door and saw his car parked waiting for me. As soon as he saw me he pulled up so I would not have to get wet. Swoon :)
I opened the door and started to climb in. My left buttox touched the seat when he said, "Uh oh, wrong car." Whaaaat??????????????????????????????????????

Oh my gawwwwwwwwd. I tried to climb in the wrong car, was halfway inside the wrong car. My buttoxus was touching the seat of the wrong car.
The worst part was my husband and kid saw me do it. Oh the horror!!! It was raining and dark people, I'm not a lunatic. usually
So I was the butt of various jokes all night long. ( get it butt.....I know)

So on to the which is worse. One time at the movies Drew went inside the ladie's room. I yelled at him ,"YOU"RE IN THE LADIE"S ROOM!" And he came back out. But really if I hadn't yelled at him he never would have known and someone would surely have decked him with her purse or pushed him into the sink. So I actually was a hero, though a minor and soon forgotten one.

Anyhow, he says my getting in a stranger's car was worse than him going into the ladie's room. What do you think? I think his had the most potential for disaster so was therefore worse. Plus I had my clothes on.


Bee said...

And dark people? Was it my kin?

I did the same thing you did only it was my brother Dan who witnessed my humiliation so I think the bathroom thing is way worse!

Your poor poor buttockseses

ReformingGeek said...

Raining dark people is what I first read. LOL!

I hope the dark person inside the wrong car wasn't too freaked out.


Jean Knee said...

there were no dark people, I left out a comma


Anonymous said...

Are you sure it wasn't raining dark people? That sounds interesting. Anyways, the bathroom is way worse. There is a sign on the door. The other car looked just like yours. At least you can read.

And, you write great haikus.

Brian o vretanos said...

If it was here, I'd say that the toilet was worse, but I imagine you've got a good chance of being shot in someone else's car in the US.

I'm glad you survived your ordeal.

Drew said...

She left out it was the wrong color, wrong make and our interior is tan not black. She opened the door and got into the car and may have closed the door. I only went into the entry way never even made it to the sink area. There is no way that was worse.

Anonymous said...

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Millie said...

His was worse. :D

No Cool Story said...

My vote depends on one thing: Would I have to give you back my present?


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