Sunday, June 21, 2009

Watch Out for That Dog Poop

We were out walking the neighborhood this morning enjoying the scorching heat, categorizing our various body aches, and yelling at dogs. By chance I looked down and saw that Drew was about to step in a gigantic pile of dog crap. My ninja sharp reflexes kicked in and I yelled, "DOO DOO!". Drew keeps walking, steps in it and says "what?"
"You walked in dog crap".
"Well, I didn't know what you were yelling about, you should have said ' watch out for that dog poo'. Besides it was dry"

Hmmmm If I had taken the time to say that mouthful no way would he have had time to avoid the crap. "DOO DOO!" gave him time to stop or move over.

He then made fun of me for awhile yelling things like KETCHUP!. What a card.

We turned onto our street where Lean was riding her scooter. A car started out into the street so I yelled "CAR!" No response, so I keep yelling move!and watch out!

Drew says, " see how effective your one word outbursts are?" hmmmm

I guess he has a point but seriously if someone yelled DOO DOO! at you wouldn't you stop? If your heard CAR! wouldn't you move? Are all those excess words really needed? If someone yelled SNAKE!,..SPIDER!..or MOJITO! at you wouldn't you respond?

Just for fun I keep yelling DOO DOO!! at him every so often.


ReformingGeek said...

What a poop he is! Next time, don't say anything and when he complains that you didn't warn him, you can tell him you that you are obviously incapable of properly warning people of impending doom so you just kept your mouth shut.


Klin said...

Aren't ya glad he didn't traipse through the house?!

Bee said...

Drew is the perfect man KETCHUP!!

Andy just grunts and points so a one word warning would be awesome. Where are the mojitos?

Brian o vretanos said...

I'd have thought that "STOP!" would have been more effective.

Stacey said...

What about "HALT!"?

Rhonda said...

Brian is so smart ... action verbs might work better.

At least a cat didn't piss in your underwear drawer!

Hey It's Di said...

Oh Doo Doo would have stopped me in a heart beat! I know your lingo and talk the same way to my kids. I am a woman of few words in an emergency or in an urgent moment. You either get it with the one word or face the consequences:)

LOL catz! said...

"Serenity NOW!" followed by a smack on the arm. See? Isn't he glad you aren't violent and crazy like that? ;)

I am puzzled by this: "We were out walking the neighborhood this morning ::etc etc:: and yelling at dogs".
Is yelling at dogs something people do down there?

Lilac A. Rugg said...

"YOU IMBECILE!" is a good all-purpose thing to shout at your loved one.

Anonymous said...

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