Friday, January 9, 2009

Everybody Wants Me

Apparently my much publicized BFF liaison with rock legend Ted Nugent has gained the interest of another very macho, very famous television legend. I was perusing my email messages, checking for one from Ted; there wasn't one, yes! (It would be a much more fulfilling BFF relationship if Drew would tell me where he lived. But no, he's afraid I might get in trouble for stalking. Only Drew would think driving by Ted's house twenty times a day and following his cammo Blazer around town is stalking).

But whatever, I think I am gaining a new BFF. Check out this email I received:

Mr. William Batman

Tel: +62 8568811184

Good day and how are you ? I am Mr. William Batman from Republic of Sierra-Leone and I'm representing my family here in Indonesia regarding investing the sum of US$3Million ( Three Million United States Dollars with you in your country, this fund is already here in Jakarta in a highly secured place . We have made all arrangements regarding this , we only need your assistance ,support and guidance to make an investment in a profitable and good business in your country.I am presently in Jakarta Indonesia. I will appreciate if you will guarantee me your trust and support to assist me, we can arrange a meeting here to discuss and follow up the project . please schedule a date for us to meet here in Jakarta .Though I know that a transaction of this magnitude will make any one apprehensive and worried, but I am assuring you that all will be well at the end of the day.On our meeting we can discuss the possible means of securing the fund and sharing percentages.


Mr. William Batman

That's right people, Batman wants to meet me in person and , perhaps even do a little business together. I've seen his AARP commercials so I'm guessing it's some kind of old people promotion or something.
I know.
I know.

I don't think Ted's going to like it but what ya gonna do? If he objects he won't email me and then I'll know. Maybe we'll even go around together and have a Geritol signing promotion or some kind of fiber awareness type thing.


No Cool Story said...




No Cool Story said...

Ok, I read it.

"...we only need your assistance ,support and guidance to make an investment in a profitable and good business in your country"

Oh.My.Wow Jean Knee!! You know what this means right?!?
This mean cha-ching!

I wonder if he'll let you see the batcave. Maybe he'll let you touch his cape.

No Cool Story said...

Hey, I am not doing anything next week. Wanna go together?
I won't ask you for any of the millions of dollars youy are getting promise.
I just want to see Batman.

Jean Knee said...

Yes you can come NCS it'll be a girls go on a trip type fun fest!

They did say something about an extensive cavity search but I just went to the dentist.

Brian o vretanos said...

I never realised that Gotham City was in Sierra Leone.

I wonder why he's choosing a period of economic depression to invest money in the US? I'm showing my ignorance of superheroes now, but does Batman have special economic forecasting powers?

Jean Knee said...

I don't know Brian. I just hope he realizes that the dollar is a bit stifled right now. I don't want him thinking I'm ripping him off if the millions don't go too far

Bee said...

No! I got a similar email but it wasn't from Batman!! :o(

Ted will be so pissed jean knee.

Jean Knee said...

maybe I won't have to give Ted totally up, just have Batman on the side

Anndi said...

Batman is two-timing me?


Joshua Burton said...

I also want you Jean Knee. In fact. if you send me your credit card number and SS# I'll transfer copious amounts of money to your bank account directly (please provide numbers).

No need to wait to go to Jakarta or to securr funds and share percentages!

Anndi said...

So you were going to try and fool me by posing as Batman... you evil wench! LOLOLOLOL

Jean Knee said...

I've never been called an evil wench before.

I think I like it

it's a good thing, right?

Melissa said...

Wait... which Batman is this? Is it Adam West? Michael Keaton?? Val Kilmer? George Clooney? or Christian Bale? If it's either of the last two, can I come along?

Klin said...

Maybe Ted will get "Cat Scratch Fever" when you hook up with Batman.

Millie said...

I feel sorry for people with that last name. Seriously. I think we should start a support group for people who have last names like "Batman" and "Hickey" and "Butts". I've been blessed with a totally blase last name.

But yeah, maybe this Batman deserves all the mocking he gets.

Mr Batman said...

I'm still waiting Ms Knee.

Tracys Ramblings said...


It's a tough decision and one I am glad I do not have to make.

I do want to help though so I want to bring up a few things:

Pro: Still hot for an older rocker who may or may not have done drugs.
Con: Avid hunter, therefore always carrying something that could kill something.

Point: You better be really good at stalking!

Batman: I guess it depends on which one. I would take the Batmans played by George Clooney or Christian Bale.

Tracys Ramblings said...

Wait, I forgot, I have a question.
I know I missed a few things when my computer was not co-operating with me, so I have to ask:

Jean Knee said...

Tracy you have to keep up

Jean Knee said...

Then read Ted Nugent II

Chris Wood said...

Batman wants to give you $3m? The cool points just flood in ...

Dan said...

Don't go to India! It smells bad over there.

aubrey said...

batman is a stud.

Mona Lott said...

Maybe you can get Batman to use your toity and leave some bat droppings. Then go score some cash listing genuine Batman guano on ebay.

Hey It's Di said...

Why do you get all the Celebs? And the offers of money too? All I get are email offers to increase my male parts, of which I have NONE!

Life can be such a bummer when you're a loser.

Mr Batman said...

I am the Batman played by Brad Pitt.
Nuff said.

Bee said...

I want that Batman that is played by Brad Pitt!

Jean Knee said...

I think he's a fake

Bee said...

I drew a middle finger jean knee, do you want it?

I know it's drawn well because I traced it.

Frivolous Whimsy said...

Hey Jean,
Read your post on your BFF Ted Nugent.
My dad has actually met him, ran into him two summers ago up north (as Ted still has a house in our state of Michigan and hunts here)
Anyhoo, my daddy was at a bow shop in the middle of no-where inquiring about getting his bow worked on and Ted knows the owner and was just a visitin` and my dad said he was the coolest guy ever!
Just thought I would pass that along :)

Anonymous said...