Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Blogging Without Obligation

Sure it sounds good. Writing what you want when you want to write it. Well, I want to write stuff, now. Except I don't have anything to write about. NOTHING. Ever.
Here are some possible posts that I rejected this week:
"Why My Agoraphobia is More Fun Than Tooth Decay"
"I Like My Religion Like I like My Men, Fast and Faster"
"My Cock Sucker Has a Broken Pecker"-- and I didn't even notice
"Your Dog Made Me Late so Now You Have to Take My Kid to School"
"What I Want to be for Halloween"

So, which was the most intriguing, and why?
I'll try again tomorrow.


Melissa said...

I'm always curious about your Halloween ideas! Love to hear about what you're going to be for Halloween... although, the story of the dog sounds interesting too...

Melissa said...

Wait? I was first! And I didn't even notice? WAHOO!! Yea for being first!

No Cool Story said...

*tears of joy*

I'm so proud of you!

No Cool Story said...

How come I am never first anymore?

No Cool Story said...

I find all of them intriguing. SO hard to decide.

I vote "What I Want to be for Halloween" because it sounds like you'd post pictures and I want pictures.


Xtreme Cowbell Society said...

That song on your side bar has lots of cowbell!

We approve!

Dan said...

I hope you go see a dentist about your broken pecker.

Bee said...

"My Cock Sucker Has a Broken Pecker"-- and I didn't even notice"

More please!!!

Bee said...

Your poor cock! :o(

::shakes head sadly::

No Cool Story said...

I have changed my mind, do them all pretty please.

You know they all want to be done. By you.
Epecially the broken pecker.

Jean Knee said...

I'm going on a date in a few minutes, the first time in 3-4 years we've gone somewhere without Lean.. I hope I don't blow it

that's what she said

Brian o vretanos said...

Have a nice time.

Wow, what a lot of ideas! If that had been me, I'd have got about 2 weeks of blogging on those. Actually, I might try it...

No Cool Story said...

Or that you do.

That's what he said!

No Cool Story said...

Have fun on your hot date.

Maybe you'll get more post ideas or even some pictures. You never know Jean Knee, the life of a blogger is very exciting.

Tracy said...

As much as I want to pick the cocksucker one, i'm going to go with....hmmmm...It's such a hard decision Jean Knee!
I'm stuck between your Halloween ideas (so that I can totally steal them off of you) and the religion one.
Why isn't there a "D all of the above" option?
I pick D- all of the above.. pretty please Jean Knee!
And I would like pictures to acompany all of them because seeing is believing!

Cock Fans said...

We vote D also Jean Knee!