Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Radio Station

 I'm glad the Holidays are over so the  "All Christmas, all the time, until you burst a vein" stations can go back to playing regular music. Lean doesn't care for all that Christmas cheer either.  She tuned in to her dad's favorite station for the duration.  Things were okay until she came out of her room to inform me of the following
Lean: Uh,  I don't think that radio station is appropriate for me.  First they were singing "ooo sex, ooo sex "  and then some dude says he only eats 100% breast milk cheese with his crackers.
JeanKnee: what
Lean: repeats above
JeanKnee: okay lets go find another station.

You see the problems all that Christmas song joy caused?  Now I will probably be asked what sex and breast milk cheese is.  She's ten.   dang


ReformingGeek said...

Oh ew, ew, ew. I didn't need to hear that. I'm scarred for life.

That poor child.

Christmas is indeed evil.

Bee said...

I left 2 comments on Saturday, what happened? I'm sure my comment funny. Probably.