Saturday, April 16, 2011

What Kind of Sad, Sadistic Mother Am I?

My precious little Lean asked me to take her and a friend to the store to buy some filled eggs for them to hide and find. I, obviously from the title , said no. No matter that this will probably be the last year she even wants to hide eggs- I'm too lazy to go get her some eggs. You know what she did then?? Called me a cow and threw herself on the bed? Good guess but that was last week. She and the friend wrapped little snacks in paper towels and taped them to look like eggs. And we only had stuff like peanut butter chips and bread sticks. Then she asked me to hide them for her. The eggs were so sad. But , as I am sadistic as before mentioned, I hid them and was thankful I didn't have to drive to the store.


Bee said...

Sounds reasonable to me. At least they didn't wrap the in toilet paper.

ReformingGeek said...

That's sad, Jean. Not only is that starvation but your poor child will have nightmares of being strangled by paper towel eggs.


Bijoux said...

This is too are raising a kids to be self sufficient; I call that being a Good Mom!

We have an entire garbage can filled with plastic eggs. Normally, I'm not a hoarder, but it seems silly to throw them out and buy new every year. And my kids should be too old to hunt for eggs, but they still want to.
Good to see you back, JK!

Rhonda said...

You are doing your part for the environment. That being said, I will gladly mail you some plastic eggs .... we have about 200 of them.

Lauren said...

Why ruin a couple of perfectly good eggs when there's peanut butter chips and break sticks. With peanut butter, you don't need tape to stick it to a wall.

Super Happy Girl said...

"She and the friend wrapped little snacks in paper towels and taped them to look like eggs."
I am laughing crying.
Oh man Jean Knee.


Brian o vretanos said...

When I were a lad if we were lucky at Easter we used to get to take a boiled egg and roll it down a hill. It always ended up lost, in bits or covered in shit.

Kids today don't know they're born.