Monday, May 31, 2010

The Gators Take Fourth Place

Softball season is over and our team came in fourth place!!!!!!!!*
Yes there were only four teams , so?
It's true we sucked at softball ,but just look at those cute cupcakes. I decorated them and took them to our gigantic fun softball swim party. Let's go gators!

It was a three hour party and I'm almost certain I didn't say anything inappropriate to a single soul. yess. Gracie's mom was not there, so glad because I have no other hairstyles left to try.


Tomatoes said...

Happy Birthday Jean Kneeeeeee!

Tomatos said...

Happyyyyyyyyyy Birthday!

Jean Knee said...


do I know you?

Brian o vretanos said...

Maybe they should have used cupcakes instead of the ball - it would have confused and frightened their opponents.

What flavour are the blue ones?

It was that brainless Vice President who couldn't spell tomatoes. Not Al Gore, the other one.

Super Happy Girl said...

Yeah, what flavor are the blue ones?

Go gators!

Father Al said...

I'm an excellent speller yes.
I basically invented spelling.

Jean Knee said...

the flavor is called lard and powdered sugar. mmmm

Jean Knee said...

no wait, wasn't that rainman?
I don't noe, I'm too confused

Jean Knee said...

oh yeah at the party I blurted out rather loudly "what moron decided on blue icing?" after all the kids looked like they were in the titanic

Brian o vretanos said...

It was Dan Quayle. He evidently couldn't spell quail either.

Why weren't there any orange cupcakes?

Jean Knee said...

see what happened was...I was running out of time so I saw red , white, and blue iced cupcakes at the store for memorial day so I used the blue & orange ones-- colored icing is horrible to work with

okay so I didn't really make the toppers either cuz I don't have a baseball pattern

but see that gators sign?? all me

Jean Knee said...

I typed sole instead of soul.

no fish at the party sorry for confusion

ReformingGeek said...


You saved me one, right?

Singing singers said...

You say sole
I say soul

You say potato
Dan Quayle says potatoe

Fa la la laaaaaa

Bee said...

I want to motorboat those cupcakes!

So you're not trying my wig suggestion?

Bee said...

Hey! What happened to the cock??

::that's what she said!::