Saturday, June 25, 2011

Zombies VS. Kitties

You've probably seen those new books where zombies are interwoven into classic literature. The most popular being Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I have not read it. I know you must wonder why haven't I?

Well it is true that I have a love for all things zombie; horror movies, killing zombies in violent video games, reading pulpy zombie literature etc, etc. Then why haven't I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? It's not because of those darling zombies it's because I can't stand that hack Jane Austin. Even zombies couldn't persuade me to give her another shot. So I've resigned myself to the fact that those books are simply out of my range.

Except yesterday I was at the library and I spied it on the shelf. The Meowmorphosis. Oh my dawg!!! it's a twist on Kafka's The Metamorphosis. Remember that dear book where the dude wakes up one morning and has turned into a cockroach? I adore that story. Only this time the dude wakes up and has turned into a sweet little kittie. The family, much like myself, is equally as revolted by the dude being a little kittie as by a slithering cockroach. I mean really don't you just want to slam some of those LOL cats upside their heads? eeekkk

Anyway since it's not drippy Jane Austin but cool Franz , father of the magic mushroom, Kafka I can read it.

I am still left with the question which is more terrifying; zombies or adorable little kitties?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

# 1 Dad

Just a little while ago Lean came in and asked me the date. I told her and she said, "that's funny cause my calendar says Father's Day is June 19 th." That can't be right, she must be looking at the wrong calendar because we celebrated Father's day this past Sunday. We searched the internet and it was true, Father's Day is June 19 th. Oh my gawwwwd this can't be right.

On Sunday we placed little #1 dad medallions on the coffee pot, in his easy chair, the steering wheel of Drew's car etc etc for him to find all day. I had ordered them early so we would have them in plenty of time. That's them in the picture, pretty cute, Huh? My plan was to string them into a #1 dad banner after Drew had found them all. I know.

He found most of them and we piled in the car because we had lunch reservations in a small quaint Inn several towns away. We snuck another #1 dad medallion on his place setting and he wore it on his lapel. "That's right world , it's Father's Day and I'm the #1 dad." Yess.

It was a really nice lunch with five courses. We had enough left over for dinner that night, the end of Father's Day. ahhhhh I'm pretty sure Drew had a good day. : ) I called my dad and wished him Happy Father's Day and we talked for a while.

But ooops. It wasn't Father's Day and we celebrated any way. No one told us any different.

So we're thinking about celebrating independence day this Sunday, June 19. What do you think?

medallions by Little Pumpkin Papers on etsy