Monday, November 29, 2010

Just a Little Snippet

So close. So close, so close. So close. there

Finally after a day of that horrid shopping I'm up. So I scan, then bag. Scan then bag. Scan then oh my gawsh the red lights above the register start flashing. Sirens scream out. Out of nowhere two TSA looking agents rush toward me wearing rubber gloves. WHAT? My register says authorization required. This is a new one, it usually tells me to bag something I've already bagged (that's what he said).

The dudes come closer. Dude number one snaps his glove and gives me a wink. Oh good gravy I hope my underwear are clean, or at least not granny panties. I'm ready for the frisking; bring it on baby.

Dude number two says, "she's clear". huh whaaaat?

Oh right. I ask if it's because people sniff the markers (yep I bought permanent markers, contraband, killers of brain cells, not your friend.)

The answer was yeah. So I finish scanning and bagging. Thinking all the while. What just happened? Why was I cleared? Don't I appear to be a criminal type even a little bit? huh wha

So on the way out I ask, just to be sure, if I were a teenager would I not get authorization? That's right. hmmm Makes me feel safer for my tween daughter but come on . How do they know I'm not a backseat marker sniffer??

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I know, I know, You've Seen It Before

But tell the truth, isn't it still funny?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Why Do You Always Have to Put a Title on These Things?

So in between cleaning out my craft hoard house and keeping up with Christmas orders I jumped over here to show you how cute Skeleton Head Crow looks in his holiday duds.

Can you say awww?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm Not Dead or in the Loony Bin

I know you've been missing me since all the Halloween shenanigans. I really hate to say goodbye to my favorite Holiday but it's time to move on. I'm skipping Thanksgiving since it isn't commercialized enough for me.

So, onto Christmas. Here is a Santa standing on a natural polished hemp ball.
If it doesn't sell I'm gonna smoke it.

And now a PSA
Some ass wipe has been sending emails with my friend's names on them and when you click there is just a link. When you click that it takes you to porno. Apparently I sent myself one of the links with my own email address on it. Talk about spam! huh!
Just know I will not send you any porno links, ever. I keep those all for myself. If you receive an email from me and it only has a link you don't want to open it.